Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's Wizz Dumb on Petey Pablo's "Ringtone"

As it turns out rising production star Wizz Dumb has contributed to the new Petey Pablo track "Ringtone" featuring Timbo. Who is Wizz you ask? We've briefly mentioned him before on The Chronicles and he's done a few songs that you might now have known about such as Sebastian's "Booty" and D.O.E "Piano Man." The dude is incredible on the boards and is quietly making a name for himself.

He is also managed by long time Timbaland friend and colleague, Mike Daddy, who also represents Jim Beanz. Check back soon for more on Wizz and the rest of the Sunset Entertainment family.

And take a real close listen to "Ringtone", can anyone make out Timbo's part? Bet you can't!


  1. Timbo's in the first verse...? I knew that didn't sound like Pablo.

    Does that mean that Wizz Dumb produced this track? If so, I knew it... if not, i still had doubts.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Timbo is rapping the first verse. It's clearly his voice.
    I noticed it after the third or fourth time hearing the track.

  4. I originally thought it was Tim on the first verse (for the first few listens), but then i noticed how the 2nd paragraph sounded similar, so I just assumed I was mistaken and that it was Petey.

    And what do u mean when you say WizzDumb did Piano Man???
    Because it would be really disappointing if Tim wasn't responsible for that beat.

  5. @dc
    yes Wizz Dumb produced D.O.E.'s "Piano Man", not Timbo

  6. timbo's verse is either complete gibberish, or hes barely openin his lips to mumble.

    its prolly how he wants the flow to sound, and has yet to find the words for it.


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