Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Danja challenges you!

I'm late catching up on things but do you all get a chance to check out this video?

So who's hit up Danja? Any response? Let us know! I'm not seeing anything about it on his myspace page but that doesn't mean it's still not happening. If you haven't yet make sure to hit Danja up at

Also here's another video Danja posted on the same day:

Props to Venture Bro on the info.


  1. I didnt see it up on the his myspace. I'm waiting on it.

  2. Sh*tz way old.....Nothing ever came up

  3. danja's trying to show people up people saying his drums are weak in his songs. he's starting to get cocky now i can see it

  4. Danja lyin to the people lol, tryna beast up his profile views & video views ... somebody posted that on FutureProducers atleast 2 weeks ago, no show still

  5. lol, i dont think he's lying.. i'd say he's procrastinating.

  6. I really hope this actually happens.


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