Thursday, October 23, 2008

Music Video: Keri Hilson ft. Timbaland - "Return the Favor"

The Keri exposure continues! After seeing clips and behind the scenes footage of "Return the Favor," we finally have the full video. Check it out:

Thoughts? Does the full video live up expectations from the behind the scenes footage? Better than "Energy"?

Also, be sure to not only check Keri out tonight on BET's Hip-Hop Awards 2008 Show, but also in the newest issue of Nylon magazine. Keri seems to be everywhere, let's hope this translates well on December 9th.


  1. why Timbaland remind me of Prof. Xavier?? lmao he stayed in that chair the whole time. But I like it, nice video, very expensive, good lighting, all that stuff


  2. hot ass vid!!!!!!!
    keri's gonna make it big!
    i KNOW it!!!!
    this video looks like it can blow her out the fuckin roof!
    and now every1's on tims dick everyones gonna love this song!
    god bless her!
    soooooooooo much better than Energy!

  3. GO KERI!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY if timbo is xavier then keri is storm!! wwooooo! they shoulda shown more of the blue outfit that was hot :D

  4. she needed a video like this pretty bad, energy wasnt the best single choice and the video was pretty lame. shes looking on top of it here though.


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