Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Keri Hilson performs at Howard University

Check out Keri's medley of tracks including the final(?) version of "Do It"

Would "Do It" have been a better single than "Energy"? Props to P. Lam on the link.


  1. she looks like a skinny version of missy. performance was kinda dry though. I don't know if i like "do it" like that just because i hated LLs version. Good luck still Keri.

  2. Doubt it...Energy was good for a first single, the TIMING was just a month or so too early.

  3. YOURE COVERS BLOWN!!! ahhh!

  4. Seems like a lack of energy of the whole area. keri did a good job, but doesnt seem like she grabbed the crowds attention much.


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