Saturday, October 25, 2008

Remember this?

Remember this video we posted last April of the Crown Life family jamming out to that ridiculous Danja beat? Check it out one more time:

We now have the final version of the song! It's called "The Life I Lead" by Nic Rage, and you can hear cameos by Hollow and Cali Stylz on the hook. Check it out here!


  1. hollow killed it again? I think so. when's his time coming?

  2. Here's a link, ripped from his Myspace.. quality is 160kbps so it ain't too bad.

  3. I think this beat is nothing special at all

  4. personally i think it's shit... doesn't measure up to anything Danja's done before or since

  5. i think it says something about both the songwriting, performance, and production when a bunch of dudes chanting non-sensical shit on your beat is infinitely better than the actual song made with the beat.

    chorus = garbage
    ad-libs = annoying as fuck, amateurish
    rapper's delivery doesn't fit w/ the vibe of the song

    i'm as big a danja fan as anyone but save a few songs it's obvious that R&B/pop is his forte, not hip hop. if this had been made for britney it probably woulda been hot as hell...R&B and Pop give danja more sonic room creatively, this sounds shallow.

  6. I think this beat is amazing. Love how dark it is. But it's a DAMN shame it's wasted on these dudes. Man...


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