Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Spin Reviews "Scream" and Gives Us Two New Track Titles

Spin Magazine recently reviewed Chris Cornell's Scream album:

Produced with a heavy hand by Timbaland, the third solo album from ex-Soundgarden and Audioslave singer Chris Cornell is strangely appealing in its elaborately empty efficiency. Gleaming ballads like "Long Gone" and the title track wring mild drama from a combination of Cornell's husky crooning and stacks of portentous Phil Collins–derived synths. As Akon knockoffs go, some of this stuff isn't bad, but the fast numbers ("Time," "Get Up"), with Cornell's angsty rock-god vocals ricocheting off Timbo's skittering beats, are fresher and more enjoyable, at least in a monkey-riding-a-tricycle sort of way.

Thanks to this review, we also now know about two new up-tempo tracks off Scream: "Time" and "Get Up." So for those keeping score, that's now 14 known tracks:

-Long Gone
-Watch Out
-Never Far Way
-Part Of Me
-Ground Zero
-Sweet Revenge
-Two Drink Minimum
-Take Me Alive
-Other Side of Town
-Climbing Up The Walls
-Get Up

Hopefully all tracks make it in the end, but only time will tell.

Thanks to Aayize for the heads up.


  1. CZAR and crew

    Here is a interesting article about Timbaland and his mark on the music industry:

    They call it the "Timbaland Era"

    This is Venture Bro

  2. Yo Ventue Bro, we already posted this article last week.


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