Saturday, October 4, 2008

Petey Pablo "Ringtone" (produced by Timbaland!)

A new track by Petey Pablo featuring Timbo has appeared and it's straight HEAT. Take a listen:

An actual Timbaland track! No pop, no recycled synths, just a straight up Timbo banger. Petey and Timbo always bring the best out of each other. I wonder if this is the track from our Word Is from last year.

Props to Buddha


  1. link plz.....
    plz AND thnk u!!!

  2. timbos face!! hahahahaha!!

  3. The bounce is this beat just made me throw up....this joint is sick!!!!!

  4. Ask and ye shall receive.

  5. sounds like some beat club shit... idk if the beat is new at all, I just don't think Tim's up to make something like this nowadays

  6. Fredrick I know what your saying but what about Talk That?

    I can't explain y Timbo has been recycling his sound elements lately but I'm sure he can switch it when he wants.

    I just don't fully understand the Chris Cornell Timbo collab. Still good songs but definitely not the best of either worlds.

  7. think about it... classic sounding beat. WITH petey pablo. it's like tim's been thrown in a time machine. there's nothing indicative of the 2008 tim anywhere in this track.

    whereas with Talk That, you could say he was 'inspired' or something

  8. Maybe not indicative of 2008, but perhaps 2005-2006. Somewhere in between I'm guessing.

    I dunno, the drums (especially the snare) he's used for this beat sound just a tad too crisp and clear for me to think it's much older than that.

    Or maybe Tim really did produce it this year, and he's been fooling us with his one-dimensional poppy synth beats for too long now.

  9. Shit is garbage IMO, it gets tiring after like 40 secs. of the song. The beat is annoying, but I LOVE THE BOUNCE though.

  10. Dats the tim i miss, them days ;-)

  11. thx 4 da link magic puppy!
    much love!

  12. THANK YOU!!!!! i thought the roids stole the old timbo from us

  13. finally!!!! some good ol tim that we all love... and props to wizz dumb


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