Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tricky and The-Dream closest to being the new Timbo and Static?

For me, second only to Missy Elliott, the late-great Static (I still feel so weird saying that) has to have been one of the greatest r&b songwriters to team up with Timbaland on a consistent basis. The music that they created together was and is unparalleled. Like Tim and Missy, Static and Tim were musically perfect for one another. They just made sense. With Static's passing, it's undeniable that there's obviously a void in music.

With that said, popular music journalist/critic and (after reading his work for the past several years) borderline/full-on Tim stan, Sasha Frere-Jones recently wrote an article in The New Yorker trying to figure out just who in music today seems to be on a similar path that Tim and Static were on in their prime. After going through a list of artists/producers/songwriters like Ne-Yo, Max Martin, Polow, and Danja, Frere-Jones settles on the idea that C. "Tricky" Stewart and Terius "The-Dream" Nash are the closest ones to matching Tim and Static. He's careful not to say that they're the next Tim and Static, but might definitely be on their way to obtaining a similar status.

You can peep the full article here.


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  1. umm yea closest to the best producer songwriter duo of right now itwould prolly be tricky and dream. They haven't had that many hits but their work on love/hate was just excellent. Ain't no timbo/static but yea they have potential of course most of us are biased for the clutch :) danja and the clutch would be a good combination as well

  2. tricky stewart and the dream are dope but static and tim were something else.

    we need a resolution by aaliyah and come as you are by brandy being great examples..the beat itself was amazing but the melodies and song arranging by static were even better.

  3. Tricky and The Dream are the real deal now! They've created lotsa hits for the past year or two. I also love when The Dream work with L.O.S. as well.

  4. Dream and Tricky... I like their work. When The-Dream features, however, it makes the whole song come together even better (Gym Class Heroes' "Kissin' Ears", for example)

    This article just shows I've been late in making them a playlist on my iPod

  5. I would say they are the new "Tim and Static" or "Tim and Missy" producer/artist duo. Tim did to me most of his great work with Static,Missy did her thang too.


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