Monday, October 13, 2008

"Return the Favor": More Footage!

Check out more behind the scenes footage of Keri's "Return the Favor" featuring Timbo:

UPDATE: Here's a little intro that Keri gives that some of y'all might want to watch (and be sure to check out for more behind the scenes footage):

Wow! Cool concept of the birth of Keri Hilson the artist. I can't wait to see how all the scenes will come together in the final product. And, just in case you missed it, we finally have the new release date of In a Perfect World... DECEMBER 9th! Mark your calendars NOW!

Props to Venture for the heads up.


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  2. The video looks like it will be visually appealing, but I would still be suprised if this song succeeded, as a result of an ordinary beat from Tim. The odd thing is the fact that he is in the video - which looks more expensive than Enegry - makes evident that he absolutely endorses it.

  3. 1)...looks like a Rihanna rip off
    2)...Tim looks bored just sitting in the chair
    3) comments are biased...cuz i'm not really fond of Keri
    4)...the song is still boring..just like Energy
    5)...i'm....too sexy for my shirt...too sexy for my shirt...So sexy it hurts... :P

  4. lol @ last two comments.

    I agree with dc.

  5. Keri don't have saggy tits don't post stupid comments. I think this song is boring though it has such cliché lyrics "make me move my body" its like a kids nursery rhyme I just hope that the album impresses because I am worried, low and behold they have pushed the album back again!!! ALARM BELLS.

    She said she only got Neyo and lil wayne as features this means that the AKON featured Mic check hasn't made the album!!!!! Mic check is dope I think she is having to dumb down her sound to make it more pop!

    Or it could be another case where writers turned singers make good songs for everybody but themselves.

  6. She should have released SLOW DANCE!!! I am so annoyed that some potential hit songs that sound fresh have been slept on She better release slow dance.

  7. 2)...Tim looks bored just sitting in the chair.

    thats just a shoot, take a look a the final cut !


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