Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New D.O.E. Tracks

Check out these two recetly leaked D.O.E. tracks.

The first is "Lil' Miss Rida" produced by TrackStarz:

And the second is "Made it Big":

Despite being originally tagged as produced by Timbaland, as D.O.E. note's in the second verse, the track is actually produced by the one and only Danja.


And be sure to cop The Fall of John Doe and the Rise of D.O.E. FOR FREE at

Props to Sebastian


  1. Keep it Hush - T.O.K Ft. DOE (Prod by Timbo)

  2. These two songs give me the feeling that DOE's album should be pretty damn good.

    Danja did his thing on the second track. Now strategy wise I hope he can get a song to break him nationwide with a decent bit of airplay; Otherwise even if the album is good i'm worried he wont sell a huge amount of records.

  3. Before people start screaming for links...

  4. I hope Danja's all over this album... his sound suits D.O.E. just as well as Timbaland or Beat Juggernaut (maybe even better than the latter).

    The instrumental reminds me of a Tim track, though I can't put the name to it.

    & is that Omarion on the first track? MMG connection? lol

  5. You should give the credits, Czar

  6. OH YEAH... it sounds like "For A Minute" by N.O.R.E. ft Nature and D.O.E. I'm not sure if Danja co-pro'ed that track, but I wouldn't be surprised, given the similarities.


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