Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pink "Sober" credits

Here are the final credits for Pink's "Sober"

2. Sober
(P!nk/Nathaniel Hills/Kara DioGuadi/Marcella Araica)
Produced by Danja for Danjahandz Production Inc, Tony Kanal & Jimmy Harry
Recorded by Marcella "Ms. Lago" Araica, Jimmy Harry & Jake Dvis at Sha Recording Malibu, CA, 3:20 Studios, Los Feliz, CA & Henson Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA
Assitant Engineers: Neil Kanal & Keith Gretlein
Mixed by Serban Ghenea at MixStar Studios, Virgina Beach, VA
Pro Tools Engineer: John Hanes
Assisted by Tom Roberts
Guitars & Keyboards by Jimmy Harry
Bass by Tony Kanal
Drums by Joey Waronker
Strings Performed and Arranged by Stevie Blacke
Tony Kanal appears courtesy of Interscope Records

Thank You in Booklet:

Danja - I'm grateful I was able to pin you down, and inspiire you with my incredible vocals. (kidding) you are a sweet soul and I hope we can do it again.

Props to Bigmac on the final say.


  1. Fucks sake they didn't even let Danja do the drums or piano, what exactly did he do for his production credit then? Pink's so scared to step out of her little fucking rock box, she's such a hypocrite after saying she felt inhibited doing R&B. Danja could have really brought the heat on this if she'd let him...

  2. hmmm.....
    is danja the new timbaland???
    supposedly "producing" a song while someone else is really behind the boards...

  3. hahahaha lmao at aayize! lool!

  4. Do you think she's suggesting something by the joke that her vocals inspired him?

  5. For the millionth time...production and beatmaking are not the same thing. Production outside of the hip-hop world (and sometimes within it) does not mean playing every single instrument, or any instrument at all. If you're unclear about what producing a song or album means, look up some of history's most famous producers and read something.

  6. good looks on the final credits

  7. Just reinforcing what someone else touched on....Danja could simply have come up with the ideas or simply putting it down on FL Studio, Reason, Cubase or whatever... but for it to have that live kinda sound it would need to be played in and recorded rather than just rely on Virtual instrumentation...

    Now Danja may have skills on keyboards and Drums, but why not let someone more qualified in that field do the track justice? People need to realise alot of things/people are involved in the final output of a proffesional record!


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