Sunday, October 19, 2008

Timstrumental of the Week

As we said a few months ago, Rihanna will be releasing/has released "Rehab" as her 8th single off her post-platinum album, Good Girl Gone Bad. And as with all singles here at The Chronicles, we get an (tim)instrumental, so check it out:

I must say that Tim and Hannon did their thing on this track (along with J. Timberlake). Thoughts?

Props to backupinthis for the heads up!


  1. I been wantin this for theeee longest time. I love this beat.

    Love the strings and guitars, with the percussion.

  2. ThE LINK

  3. absolutely magnificent! sounds i didnt even hear were there but it all comes together ... take heed a fucking genius: timbo!

  4. This sounds like a rip-off of ' What goes around comes around'.. or very inspired by it for sure!

  5. I'm mad I have to sit and listen to this track for five minutes... the first time was okay, but, other than that, "Rehab" NEVER held my attention as well as "What Goes Around" did at its peak.

    If I had an iPod back then, I could go into it and tell you I've listened to "What Goes Around" about 90 times, as opposed to maybe 10 for "Rehab"

  6. Oh My Good Freakin God. Tell me I did not just read that the 643rd single from "Good Girl Gone Bad" is being released that STILL isn't "Breakin' Dishes" or "Lemme Get That." Oh shit now. I know it's not Crowne-related (is it?) but I thought "Sexuality" - from a *NEW* album! - was the next single.

    Oh God make it stop.


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