Friday, October 10, 2008

Frankie J F/ Claude Kelly "Magic" produced by Danja (w/ DJ)

Seems like today is Danja day on The Chronicles. This track has been known about for a long time but we figured it was locked away in the vaults. Guess that's not the case anymore though. Here is what has been rumored to be a demo for Christina Milian called:

"Magic" or sometimes referred to as "Magic Hands"

Hard to believe this is a Danja track but it definitely is. Thoughts?

Props to Tom of The Keepers for the info


  1. Track is cool. Mellow and very laid back. Not to crazy about Claude Kelly's vocals but then again it works for the tracks. I think I would rather hear Christiana Milan on the track though...

  2. what is danja doing man?? this is weak as hell

  3. hard to believe? it's got the clicks you hear all over Danja tracks (Britney, Wyld Money, Day26)... as well as that hiss (T.I., Menudo, Usher). Even with that, though, I was skeptical at first play when I heard it a few days ago.

  4. Sorry, but I can only imagine if an unknown producer made this, you all mostly would be crapping on this and wiping.


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