Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Chronicles Exclusive: More tracks from Chris Cornell's Scream

To date we know the following tracks off of Chris Cornell's eagerly awaited album Scream:

-Long Gone
-Watch Out
-Never Far Way
-Part Of Me
-Ground Zero
-Sweet Revenge
-Two Drink Minimum

The Thomas Crown Chronicles has also learned exclusively some additional titles from tracks off the album and they are:

-Take Me Alive
-Other Side of Town
-Climbing Up The Walls

These new tracks all have writing contributions from Jim Beanz with production by J Roc and Timbaland. November 4th is less than a month away so get ready! In addition there is an alternate versions of a Cornell/Timbaland track floating around the internet, have you found it yet?

And on a side note did anyone get that Verizon Chris Cornell EP?


  1. i keep searching for the verizon ep and i have no clue if they have it or not im beginning to think they dont lol and another thing if u watch the myspace video carefully it says somewhere that the album is to be released early 2009 and i was like ... what?

  2. ahh whats the alternate versions of the songs?

  3. @haveacow21:
    i saw tht on the myspace interview too! i really really hope its just a mistake! i cant wait another six months for this!!!

  4. the timbaland, tpain, missy track-talk that is on freestyle steve's myspace page. can someone rip it..thanks

  5. yea i knw!! :@ ;'(

  6. soz j boogie, but how can we verify the tracks are valid when u specify no sources of your information. i will seriously screw if it is 2009!!

  7. I just saw a commrcial for a new show called life on mars or som shit & i noticed tht 1 of cris cornells songs is the thme song for it. Idk if its a Timbo produced track but the snares n drums sound lik Timmy.


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