Thursday, October 2, 2008

Timstrumental of the Week

We haven't had a Timstrumental in a long time but here we have our first one for a Keri Hilson track. Check out:

Keri Hilson "Return The Favor"

Also here are the credits for the song:

Written by all 5 members of The Clutch (a rarity) and produced solely by Timothy Mosley.


  1. Is anybody with me when I say I cannot believe all 5 members of the clutch wrote return the favour the song is so basic where are the harmonies, crazy melodies and Bridges the clutch are known for!!!?

    I have to say the clutch wrote better stuff for Britney's album!!

  2. J Boogie very impressive layout you got going on here I am blown away by it. I think the basic version the one that leaked a couple of days ago is the radio edit and the main version is the one that we all heard a few weeks back with the more developed hook. The Clutch wrote the track and I like it, both the main and the radio edit are very good in my opinion.

  3. I want to hear the "Main" version of the song, someone find a download for that lol.

  4. ^^Promo CD of RTF has already leaked. ;)

  5. Where is it? I can't seem to find it anywhere :(

  6. Kidding I found it!

  7. interesting how the disc says album available 11/4

  8. If all members of The Clutch did write the song and Timbaland did produce it on his own - then it's even more dissapointing. You'd think between such a creative team that the end resulting song would be better than "Return the favour". I think the song is trash. I want to like it, but it's so amazingly underwhelming.

    I'm more shocked that Tim produced the song on his own than all 5 members of The Clutch having wrote the song together. I was so sure Hannon had a hand in the production.

  9. this track sounds so stupid to me... the fact that the instrumental wasted two minutes of my time (it should have ended at three minutes) also gets to me

    the demo version at least sounded more thuggish and more relatable... the way tim touched it up, I'd rather not listen to it (even moreso than before) for fear of being looked at/just plain feeling weird


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