Monday, October 6, 2008

Who is James Fauntleroy?

That's been the question everyone's been asking ever since we heard those demo session tracks with Timbaland from last month. Did Timbaland sign him? Where did he come from? Is he a singer or a writer or what? All great questions no doubt. The thing is as is the case with so many talented music writers, you know them by their music and not necessarily by their name. So let's get our music education on.

We've all heard Chris Brown's (featuring Keri) "Superhuman" right? That's Fauntleroy. Jordin Sparks & Brown's "No Air"? Again Fauntleroy. As is Chris Brown's "Lottery" and Usher's "Will Work For Love." See, you've known James Fauntleroy all along.

Fauntleroy is part of the Underdogs family and has been on his grind for a long time and all of us are just now getting the privilege of hearing all that hard work paying off. So how did he end up working with Timbaland and will we be hearing more from the 2? Those are the million dollar questions but from what we've heard so far let's hope so! I bump "Home" nearly everyday. "....I'm in your fridge for ice girl like this is my house..."

So stop by Flossleroy's myspace and give the dude his much deserved props. He's even given The Chronicles some love (thanks homie!). In the meantime check out a few of his demos:

-"No Air" Demo
-"Superhuman" Demo
-Hilarious freestyle with Glenn Lewis (one of the best singers out there don't sleep!)

and many, many more. Let's hope we here more from Fauntleroy and Timbo real soon.


  1. no air is hot! too bad the writers never get the shine they deserve... singers should writing their own songs that's what i think! props to justin for trying sum stuff on his own

  2. i have heard songs from this guy for about a year. He's a great singer!!! cant believe u havent wrote about him sooner J Boogie. he's done great stuff with The Underdogs, Midi Mafia and Oak. all his songs are worth a listen.

  3. the best new songwriter out there imo.


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