Thursday, October 30, 2008

T.O.K "Keep It Hush" new Timbaland? No, old.

It was summer 2006 and Timbaland was basking in the glory of his "comeback" with 2 of the biggest albums of that year Loose and Future Sex / Love Sounds. What better way then to give the man his deserved shine than to have him star in his own Diary series on MTV. If you didn't catch it back then, we've all seen it by now and of course what's the number 1 thing we wanted to see or should I say hear? New Timbo music of course and we weren't disappointed. We got Tim and Jay in the studio, Tim and Busta, and even Tim and Danja creating some magic at the end.

Well as true Timbo stans you also noticed the new beats throughout the series. There was a ringtone, the Moka Blu track, and a bunch of others that we've never known what they were from or if they would ever be used.....that is until now.

A "new" Timbaland track has surfaced recently from the Reggae group T.O.K reppin' Jamaica called "Keep It Hush" Check it out:

Does the beat sound familiar? It should as it was used in Timbaland's MTV Diary for an opening segment:

As it turns out the the track was meant to be a D.O.E track featuring T.O.K but the this unfinished demo leaked. There are actually 2 different versions of this track (so far) but none are official.....yet. The first is called "Take Ya Ring Off" featuring another Jamaican artist and the 2nd is this unfinished version finished T.O.K which D.O.E hasn't even laid down his verses yet. Maybe one day D.O.E will bless us with the full, real deal until then enjoy!

Props to Bilza for the track and the BIG Big A for the info.


  1. T.O.K are actually my fav' dancehall/raggae artists! Seems like I've heard those lyrics before...maybe theres an original and this is a remix?!

    You know when I saw Tims Diary air on mtv, I actually downloaded the whole episode just to hear that beat T.O.K used...and also to see the part with busta in the studio!

  2. but not to see the girl?


  3. link por favor???

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Nah Venture, I prefer seeing girls in person. lol Im only messin with u bro...

    ...that girl was nice!

  6. yup...that girl was off the charts


    And ditto to the girl.


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