Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Remix It! Keri Hilson "Return The Favor"

I'm back from a relaxing and much needed 2 week vacation. First and foremost let me just say if you ever get the chance to visit the country of Nepal DO IT! Great food, amazing temples, and nothing but friendly people.

Let me also apologize for the delay in getting the Remix It! entries posted. I had no idea the response would be what it's been. After many long nights, I have finally posted all of your remix entries I have received to date. If you don't see your entry, send me your remix again and I will post it. Also if your remix will not play, refresh the page, try again, and if it still doesn't work send me an email and we'll work it out. I have NOT posted the voting option yet. I will add voting options tomorrow just to make sure we get all the kinks out of the remixes today.

Take your time listen to all the remixes, people worked hard on them so they deserve a fair listen. This contest is meant to be a friendly way to get your music heard, network, and listen to what other folks from around the world are creating. Give some constructive criticism, give peeps your props, and hit them up via their myspace pages. THANK YOU to all of you who submitted your entries. We have people representin' Iran to Florida, Germany to Australia. Without further adu here are:

Your Keri Hilson "Return The Favor" Remix It! Entries


  1. FA sHo.....THANX BOOGIE. Good luck on networking folkz.

  2. Infra Red: whats up J... why u got mines all the way at the bottom, damn... lol


  3. Red I went in the order I received people's remixes.

  4. yyyeeeeah, its finally back the remix section... Its great 2 hear all those talented people across the globe who remix a song.
    I havent heard them all, but my favorites at the moment are..........Mona LIISA remix and the michael khan remixes

  5. You really should do a pre-selection... cause there's no way I listen to all these tracks

  6. lol, there's like 58 remixes. 17 from the U.S. and only 2 from VA.. including myself.
    -Michael Khan

  7. climax really did his thing on the track, especially with the beat boxing. everyone definitely put there all into it and was creative! cool :-D

  8. Listened through most of the remixes.. there are some cool ones!

    Don't forget to check out ours! ;)

    -The Freshmen

  9. Man, theres a lot of remixes!!! Couple of great ones as well. And J, thanks for the plug ;)(heh!)

  10. out of the first couple ones i like climax that one was nicee way to many tracks tho hahaa its gonna take days for me to find time to listen haha

  11. Damn...there are so many remixes...It's insane as to all the different producers from all over the world.
    This is going to be real interesting and exciting to see who gets voted to the top.

    Besides my remix, here are my favorites:
    Don E Blaze, Omega, Urban Noize, Starwax and Rockstarz.

    Not taking anything away from anyone else, but those, plus mine, are the best remixes.
    Good luck to everyone!!

    Kris Beach - www.myspace.com/crisbeats

  12. It boggles the mind that people go out
    of their way to say dumb shit to someone...like
    they were born into this world only to hate on
    other success...
    It's like they were born into this world only to hate on others...
    I don't get the way others work sometimes...
    I guess it's because of that persons failure to be successful so they have to make the other feel like shit so they can feel better...
    So go on and say your petty shit, because , in the long run, you'll be knocking at my door asking to come in and get a free ride!!!!

  13. Karlo - Im feeling your track even tho u said u fort it was not that good.. i think u did another good job ;)

  14. OSH remix brought me bak to the old timbo beats with ginuwine :)

  15. I like the beat that Karlos did...not sure that beat is cohesive with the remix...but that beat by itself is cool.

  16. haha.. kris beach, why do you keep being so cocky.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Michael Khan:
    Why do you call it cocky when I'm being honest.
    I didn't say it was a piece of shit, I like the beat I just didn't think it matched for the remix.
    I'm a producer who's been nominated for awards, did a soundtrack for a movie, performed at House of Blues in LA, Roxy and Whisky A-Go-Go in Hollywood to name a few.
    So maybe I have a right to speak my opinion, or be cocky, but when others speak to me, their fuckin pricks.
    I actually think your remix is a good remix, it's just not my favorite...you gonna hate on me for that too?

    Good luck to all the entries!

    Kris Beach

  19. hah, i just wanted to see what you'd say, though i was talking about the other post you made anyway.. and i wasn't hating lol. Do your thing..


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