Friday, October 3, 2008

The new look

As you can see The Chronicles got a face lift. Some of you like it and some of you do not but either way the look is here to stay. I have to give special thanks to my friend Rakshith Ashok all the way from India for doing such an incredible job on the new lookout. THANK YOU!!! Let me also give props to Fabio Farraj for all his hard work on the last layout.

We've also added a few things to make the site easier to maneuver:

-The Archives. Almost every single post (there are some you still have to dig for) we've ever written in the last 2 years has a label attached to and you can click on that label on the far right hand column to find all posts associated with it.

-Rare Reels. We'll still do posts on these but you can view the latest ones within The Chronicles homepage just by clicking any of the videos on the far left hand column.

-Chat Room. The Chronicles Couch is available for your chatting pleasure, also on the far left column. Make new friends, call J Boogie names, talk about Timbaland's music, or spread the joys of life, whatever you need to get off your chest go for it.

We're still adding new functions as we go so be on the lookout for more and bare with us as we get the glitches cleaned up.


  1. oh wow i love it! =]


  2. layout is decent, if i have known you wanted one i'd have hook you up, mine are bit, different ;p

    Still love the blog though, keep bangin them samples! :P

  3. The only big problem is that it didnt fit à 1024x768 resolution...


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