Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chris Cornell Talks Timbo

MTV has a lengthy new article about Chris Cornell's brand new album and first single, "Ground Zero."

Some of the highlights:
- The video for "Ground Zero" was shot a few weeks ago in Brooklyn, and it will be intertwined with footage from ABC's Americanized remake of the popular British cop drama "Life on Mars."
- Timbaland did a couple of remixes from Cornell's 2007 album "Carry On."
- "[The album] sounds nothing at all to me like other Timbaland productions."
- He's already conceived another album's worth of material during his sessions with Timbaland. "We have a lot more songs than are on this record, and he's already talking about doing more. Every time we sat down to write a song, we'd come up with something we both really liked."

Question for the readers: What do you think of the commercialism ("Life on Mars" debut, etc.) of "Scream"?


  1. Well, commercialization is just to throw the songs and the name out there... otherwise, no one would be paying attention to this. But, I think they should at least have a video out already. You can't capitalize on commercialization unless you're touching all bases. These Verizon exclusives: bullshit.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Can you make the comments pox pop-up instead of opening in a new page?

    Anyway, I thought 'Part Of Me' was meant to be the first official single as confirmed by Tim?
    But actually welcoming to hear that there are remixes and other material that they've done together.

  4. Best that Cornell gets this attention now, because he will be shafted like Nelly Furtado one day.

    Then again, maybe Nelly's busy raising that kid of hers.

  5. You should post those remixes in the unreleased timbo discography


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