Thursday, October 23, 2008

Music Video: Chris Cornell - "Ground Zero"

More videos!!! As we posted a couple of weeks ago, Chris Cornell recently shot the music video for "Ground Zero" in Brooklyn. The video was spliced with footage from the new hit ABC show Life on Mars. Check out what Chris told MTV about the video shoot:

We shot it on the street there, and we didn't have any extras or anything," Cornell told MTV News of the video for the September 11-inspired track. "It was really just a small crew and me, and a lot of it's just me on the streets of Brooklyn, intercut with footage from 'Life on Mars.' So it's kind of like I'm in the same neighborhood, and the footage was shot in a way so it can be intercut with footage from the show, which will have a vintage '70s feel to it. And I interacted with people on the street during the shoot, unbeknownst to them, so it was pretty funny. I'd just walk up to people and shake their hand or start talking to them. Everyone was really polite and didn't know what to do. Most of them were just trying to figure out what the hell we were doing down there.

Now peep the full video:

Thoughts? Definitely different than what I imagined, but still a cool vid.

Props to Edo!

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  1. this is only gonna air on ABC... no one else is gonna want to play this. it's like a commercial


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