Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Timbaland says "I am the new grunge"

Check out the latest interview with Timbaland on Ryan Seacrest's radio show:

Timbaland & Ryan Seacrest

A video for the "official" first Chris Cornell single "Part Of Me"? Check. Confirmed Shock Value II (Jonas Brothers on the first single)? Check. Tim talking about how he changed music, how he's the king of music, and now the "savior" of music? Check.

Hey Timbo send us some exclusive music so we can take a listen and give our opinions too!

Props to Drossos on the link.


  1. I think success has gone to Timbo's head...I agree he's one of the best producers out there. But I think Danja saved him with his pop productions.

    Just my 2 cents. I still love TImbaland..But he should tone it down a little.

  2. yep. still love Timbo but damn. stop it with how you're such an amazing producer/musician/god of music, will ya? he said some of it in jest. i've seen it in his demeanour for the past couple of years (after his musical comeback with his Furtado/Timberlake albums) but i chalked it up to his newfound confidence. but damn. it's weird it's also happening to him while a lot of his longtime fans are saying his weak pop thing must stop (note the 'weak' term; i do exclude his Nelly Furtado/Justin albums from this list and a few songs here and there).

    he has changed music. and he can still change music. but popular success doesn't always equal innovation (re: wearing himself thin with bland pop shit not worthy of the name Timbaland).

  3. Timbo use to be very Humble, and didnt know how BIG he was in the industry. He was the King, and didnt know it...but once he came out with a new style back in 05/06. It finally HIT now he keeps telling us. LOL

    There's no doubt that he's the best producer ever...but he really needs to....chill, and keep doing what makes him #1. Shhh!

  4. hmmm he said the same form as last time? ... nelly and jt? hmmm or jonas brothers hmmm ... go timbo!

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  6. Hmm, I would have to disagree with that, nagotiator. Tim's always had a big head. Since he wasn't as well known back then, people weren't chucking interviews at him left, right and centre like they are now, and so he didn't get anywhere near as many chances to reveal his arrogance. One of the many downsides to fame is the heightened level of scrutiny that comes with it. Honestly, he's pretty much always been this way.

    With the word "Humble", I imagine the way Danja carries himself. As for Timbaland, I doubt he's ever heard of the word.

  7. I'm glad people are agreeing with me.
    He IS a king in my opinion. But he needs to tone his arrogance down...

  8. yooooo i hope tht the 1st single will finnaly be crowd control!!!
    it HAS to be wit jt and nelly again tht way it will keep thier names up there in ppls heads so ppl dont think tht there old and havent come out with new music for years...


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