Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chris Cornell & Timbaland Denver: A fan's perspective

The Chris Cornell & Timbaland "Scream" Tour has begun and although Rolling Stone and Spin have their own reviews of the show, we want to hear what you the fans have to say! So hit us up with your personal accounts. Here's Bobby Adan live in Denver:

I was lucky enough to attend the show in Denver this past weekend, and
it didn't disappoint one bit! Dj Freestyle warmed up the crowd and then
Timbo hit the stage. He did about a 45 minute set. He did a variety of
songs, mostly from Shock Value, and a few covers I.E. Justin Timberlake,
and Nelly Furtado. It was very interesting to see such a diverse group
of concert goers sing all the songs with Tim as well. He worked the
crowd well, and had good interaction with everyone. He also let us know
that Shock Value II would be coming to us February 14th, 2009 aka
Valentines Day. After he ended his set with "The Way I R," he played
"talk that shit" from Shock Value 2. Timbo then, after a brief tear down
and set up of sets, introduced Chris Cornell. Chris really just killed
the entire show. He was amazing live, he sounds exactly the way he does
on his recordings. He had a band that was amazing in their own right,
and a mixture of tracked background vocals that enhanced his live
vocals. He opened up with my personal favorite, "Part of Me," and then
proceeded to due the whole album continuously without stopping. PS, the
chorus in Part of Me says "that BITCH ain't apart of me". Various
instrumentation between the songs was brilliantly done to transition
into each song. It ranged from orchestral to trance almost. 'Watch Out"
was another highlight as well as "Scream". His whole album truly is the
perfect mix of hip hop, pop, rock and soul IMO. Chris also stated that
he and Timbaland were making history together with this collaboration.
And another bonus was that when Tim was introducing Chris, he stated
that J Roc and he soley produced the album. J Roc was apart of the band
as well, and interacted with Chris a few times throughout the show too.
Overall, the show was loud, crowded and amazing. I did also find out
that Chris' album had been pushed back to February as well (maybe that
will coincide with Tims release somehow). Unfortunately, we will have to
wait a bit longer, but Chris' LP will definitely be an album any music
lover should have!

After the show, we were waiting for a friend, and standing next to me
was J ROC! I couldn't believe it! I had come prepared with my album in
tow, just in case (lol), and he was kind and gracious enough to talk
with me for a brief moment. I told him he did great work on Chris'
album, and it was an honor to meet him. During the show, Timbaland
stated J Roc was HIS producer, so I thought that was pretty major. He
did state he would take a listen to my album as well, and we parted
ways. Overall the experience was great, and I was so lucky to have gone!
And who knows, maybe ill be the next great act off Mosley Music Group
soon?!!! Lol."

Who's next?

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