Thursday, October 9, 2008

Who Flipped It Better? Timbaland Vs. The Legendary Traxsters

In the latest segment of sample flips let's take a look at a very recognizable sample. First up let's go back to 2005 when the Outlawz released their album Outlaw 4 Life: 2005 A.P. (After Pac) and the song "Back To Ballin" produced by The Legendary Traxsters

The sample should be obvious by now right? If not then let's look a year earlier in 2004 when Timbaland used the same sample for Shawnna's debut album Worth The Weight and the crazy joint "Shake That Shit"

Hear the same sample? Who flipped it better?

Of course the bonus is what's the sample but this time I'll give you a hint it comes from a sample least Timbaland's sample does. If you notice his use of the sample is shorter compared to the The Outlawz's sample which uses a longer sample with added vocals which makes me think it could be the original version that Timbaland's sample CD cut it from.

So extra bonus points if you can name the original sample too.


  1. It's from the Voices Of Istanbul sample CD

    And I deffo prefer the Timbo version personally, when I first heard it.... jeeeeez i was genuinely amazed

  2. Timbo's hands down off the hook.Timbo Da King Of Beats!!!!!!!!

  3. The first beat has better mixing...

    but Timbaland's version rules...


    According to DJ Quik, Dr. Dre is receiving pianos lesson from Burt Bacharach and reinterpreting Chopin compositions. Dre also has 400 records recorded.

    i just shit my pants

  5. oooh dj quik! (or quik really lol) i miss the fixxers!!! :( yea and the timbo version was way better :D

  6. @NY4life187
    what the fuck has Dre or DJ Quik to do with this blog?? and why the hell are you posting this here in the comments?? if u wanna share your news, send an email to Boogie or use the chat box. GOD DAMN

  7. Yo Boog,

    New Ryan Tedder "Walk Away" produced by Ryan Tedder:

    - Venture


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