Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fabolous - "Right Now & Later On" (Alternate)

Everyone knows that our main mission here at The Chronicles is to try to bring y'all all things Timbo, from news to reviews to his affiiates to EVERYTHING. With that, one thing that we pride ourselves on is providing the most accurate discographies of Timbaland and the producers/writers associated with him. And here at The Chroncles, we don't just list the original tracks in the discographies, but we try to include all the various remixes and alternate versions of each track. So with all that said, I thought I'd post an alternate that some people might not know about.

We're all familiar with the 2001 Timbo-produced track "Right Now & Later On" by Fabolous, but I've uploaded it just to refresh everyone's memory:

For the longest time, I just assumed this was the only version. But a couple of weeks ago, I heard DJ Envy spinning the record, and as I tried to repeat the opening lyrics, I quickly realized that there was a different intro on the version that Envy was spinning. Turns out, the record that Envy played was originally on the Roc-A-Fella Volume 2 Mixtape hosted by Envy. Check it out:

Seems like this version was probably the original, and the intro got cut during the final mixing stages.

So there you go y'all another alternate brought to you by The Chronicles. Holla if you got the non-DJ version of this alternate.

P.S. I might have a small treat for y'all tomorrow since it will be Friday, and y'all know what Friday means...


  1. how do u get it to play? i dont see anything and i clicked the link and theres nothing therejust a list of the songs...

  2. oh that sounds good :D

  3. damn that just took me back... 10th grade... i feel old... i didnt kno about this version... sounds unmixed tho... they prolly changed it around before the actual album version...

  4. Timbo needs a hard slap in the face. and i mean this in the most positive way possible, cause this beat is disgusting (also a positive)

  5. I never really liked the beat so much to be honest...

  6. And he did this beat WITHOUT DANJA. just shows how great tim was without him. anyways can someone PLEASE host the original please. cant find my mp3 of this classic banger

  7. Can we get an MP3 of this please?

  8. does anybody have a mp3 of this please?


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