Saturday, August 30, 2008

Keri Hilson "Return The Favor" (FULL!)

Ladies and gentlemen I give you a track we've been anticipating for a LONG time. A track that The Chronicles exclusively reported was to be the first single. None other than:

"Return The Favor"

"Energy" Vs. "Return The Favor"?? How can you compare the two?! I've yet to hear "Energy" on the radio or see the video on MTV after it's premiere. Let's hope the momentum of the album picks up speed! It looks like the album is going to need some kind of boast as it's being reported Keri's album has been pushed back yet again to October 14th.

Make sure you to show you love and support for Keri!! It's been a long time coming! Props to Kyle on the track.


  1. I definitely prefer Energy.

    Return Of The Favor sounds like something we've already heard *cough* Promiscuous Girl *cough*

    Not to mention Energy has much more of a pop appeal to it.

    As for my thoughts on Return Of The's just okay, there's nothing ground breaking about it.

  2. song is cool, I can listen to this couple times. I think its much better than "Energy"! "Love Ya" still my fav from her so far tho

  3. WAY better than Energy...the end of this is beautiful.

  4. I'm disappointed.

    Nothing fresh, nothing appealing

  5. sum1 on here said that keri dusnt like her songs to have too many effects or synths..... if that is true, then these generic songs MIGHT be her fault sad to say.

  6. I am also disappointed.

    I don't know man...

    I can't believe I waited for this...

    like... I have a bad feeling her album isn't going to be good... as a whole and individually...

    I mean... teeza... I said that... Keri stated she doesn't really like busy, crazy, effect full type tracks... she rather have room open for her vocals...

    but... is Timbaland falling off? Or is he trying to trick everyone... and surprise everyone with the next Shock Value?

    Cause... he is my production idol... but... idk

    - Venture

  7. Oh... here it is:

    "I deliver my songs with emotion," she enthuses, "I don't like a lot of effects. It takes away from the emotion..."


    J Boogie... honestly... that track I sent you that I told you I wrote especially for Keri Hilson... that beat alone sounds way better than that of "Energy" or "Return The Favor". My songwriter has lyrics too. It sounds awesome. I think if Keri can somehow get a hold of this track... it would do better than both "Energy" and "Return The Favor"...

    I should post it... here...

  8. i kinda like it...
    atleast its better thn "Twisted"...
    atleast i actually believe tim produced this rather thn "Twisted"...
    as soon as someone rips plz post the link...

  9. It's coo I think it's still better than Energy but for the obvious I can see why they picked energy as the first single to me she needs a more urban track from tim,polow,or danja I'm kind of getting tired of the pop tracks im hearing energy is a song miley cyrus,katherine mcphee,those type of artists should be singing.

  10. Thank you kindly felloman. *tips hat*

  11. is this a leak or is it a single???

  12. I can't even bring myself to play this song twice, now that it's been released in full. let me tell you why...

    some writers should just stay writers. ne-yo shitted on all the competition, and keri has yet to do that. the possibility is there, but all her songs are bubblegum joints in which her lyrics aren't all that captivating. it's almost like she's TRYING to fit into a mold so much, she's OVERexceeded

    and, her voice being overpowered by timbaland beats drenched in excesses. it's like they work better together when they're making songs for Danity Kane or the Pussycat Dolls, because at least they've been given direction

    keri... smh

  13. "Your Cover's Blown" should of been the single... the second single should of been "Your Cover's Blown"... and the third should of been "Your Cover's Blown".

    I wonder who made this idiotic choice not to have that track wwither not be on the album, and not be the single?

  14. Hey Venture Bro... I really like your song, Keri should be on it... this sound is her. I hope she heard it!

  15. I prefer Energy. This doesnt sound like a Timbo production? More to Danja's..

  16. SMH......This is not looking good for Keri.



  18. This SUCKS in producer and singer/vocal/songwriting levels.
    I don't think timbaland did that, is sounds too EMPTY to be a "full" timbaland track, but the fact that he would put his name on this horrible track is enough to agree that he has fallen off the bandwagon. I think it is funny and yet interesting how songwriters and have trouble being singers and artists who are on a producer's label do NOT get great tracks produced for them. This chick is a part of Tim's and Polow's and there both focusing more on other people's music rather than give their ULTIMATE fire to their artists. Tim started out strong with Nelly but his cockiness and laziness has run up to him and I am beginning to wonder with all the signing to his roster plus doing tracks for others, he is not truly focusing one on the music for anybody and two for making true music for his roster. It's like he's beginning to think that his name will automatically get plays and that is not true. Payola may but not his name on a produced track. I don't think Tim cares anymore. He's trying to be like Dr. Dre with a house full of ghostwriters and producers and that is NOT cool. He is doing way too much and needs to stop signing so many people and stop producing for everybody, and work with his artist and find a style for them and bring out a masterpiece for them; I think his mindset is going back to the times of beatclub days because he's not focusing anymore to me on his music or who he signs. And if he is holding out for Shock Value 2, that is very selfish and I think stupid, because whoever comes out with his name stamped over it, will effect him and his record company. You can't sign 5-10 artists and produce for 20 other artists. If your going to sign artists, work with them first or at least give them as much time as possible. It is fine to have other producers in your camp but GIVE THEM CREDIT when they are producing a song for your camp!

  19. had the same version streaming on their website and they were contacted by Keri's camp and asked to remove it because it is apparently not the final version (source:

  20. hell..i like the track a little better than energy but in no way do i dislike it.... reading all the comments, what exactly is expected? i'm lookin for someone to give an example so i can understand how you are judging this track... please provide me some perspective.

  21. "Hey Venture Bro... I really like your song, Keri should be on it... this sound is her. I hope she heard it!" - sebastian

    Thanks a lot bro! Since the album was pushed back until October... I know there is a chance of this getting on the album. There has to be a chance. I really want her and her camp to hear it.

    Thank you again. and here is the link to my track if you all don't feel like reading through all the comments:

    Please add me on My Space everyone!

    No new tracks up yet... but they will be soon... including this track for Keri.

    - Venture

  22. I agree also with Frederick these songs should go to groups/artists like Danity Kane and the Pussycat Dolls they would sound better over these tracks way too much bubblegum joints.

  23. i think you guys need to realize how Timbo's camp like to leak the songs....they will make sure that the monster songs dont get leaked....just like shock value, we heard some good song but way i are and bounce for example never got leaked.

    i like the song but its not amazing.
    i am anticipating your covers blown if it ever leaks.

  24. @ what moe masri said...

    Tim definitely had a hand in it, because it sounds loose and boring - just how most of Tim's shit seems to sound these days. :P The synths sound like they could be Danja, but the overall production sounds too loose for Danja. His shit is usually arranged to be air tight. I'm talking Rodney Jerkins tight. I'm thinking it's probably Timbaland and Hannon Lane. But it's tough to call these days. *lol*

  25. @alex... if I recall correctly, "Give it to Me" was leaked in November 2006... followed by "Throw it on Me" in February 2007. So, they leak some good and some average songs before the album comes out. With this information at hand, even I must take the next paragraph with a grain of salt.

    I think Keri could end up like Katharine McPhee (she was mentioned by Miguel earlier)... the tracks on her album didn't suit her as well as they could have (she sang them very well, but...), and this resulted in her prospective audience [the American Idol audience, who expected something totally different] being disappointed when her album came out and all it had were pop joints. This is another case in which the artist was not willing to sacrifice "originality" and what they want in order to make an album that will cater to an audience she already HAS (no matter how old or small in number). In the industry, it's a matter of business and staying up there.

    And, Timbaland... should have just let Polow exec-prod this album (like Tim himself used to do back in the day). By that, I mean, Polow gets pretty much the whole album, and maybe we get smatterings of Danja and Tim and Royal Court here or there. Not the case.

    + Who cares if this song is not final (unless by "unfinished" means they plan on putting D.O.E. on the track and hoping they end up with a "Way I Are pt 2" [LOL]) if it doesn't sound right the way it is now? Hopefully they've considered taking out that arpeggio and adding something more subtle.

    so much for "love and support", J Boogie!

  26. I would be shocked if Danja had a hand in this, because this almost sounds like Bobby Valentino - Anonymous thx to the arps, and that is not a good thing. I think this really blows to be honest, because I was expectin Timbaland to showcase all of this hot shit he would have done with Britney if she apologised, or at least match what he "did" for Rihanna.

    I say "did", because I no longer know what is really him..... The Nelly Furtado shit and the JT shit were all made from Danja synths, and I think that it is actually Timbaland who is now tryna keep up. Danja set the bar high with some of his DK and Britney material as far as female vocalists go.

  27. If u guys noticed, the ending loop uses the same exact arpegiated synth as the ending loop on elevator !!! somebody else noticed that !!!! This is tim recycling ideas !!!


  28. I sure hope they are saving the heat for the album and polow gets more tracks I think she needs more urban tracks from tim or danja I mean the writing is already going to be there for her and the looks plus some promo.

  29. @ el jefe... you have to admit, recycling makes it easier for DJs to mix songs together for their 72 hour labor day weekend shows

  30. dang ya'll actin like ya'll know tim and know his life... and for a singer to hop on something she/ he had to be feelin it... so bottom line... keri picked it.. i like it

  31. Lol i'm sure the haters can do so much better at producing than Timbo and his camp.

    "I say "did", because I no longer know what is really him..... The Nelly Furtado shit and the JT shit were all made from Danja synths, and I think that it is actually Timbaland who is now tryna keep up."

    Synths are ONE PART of a beat, not the whole thing, Danja helped tim, and Tim helped danja, I dont know why people are jumping on the idea that Danja is "way ahead of timbo" Cause if my calculations are correct Danja is about 20 years BEHIND timbo, which is why Danja respects his ideas.

    Plus you wouldnt even know who the fuck Danja was if timbo didnt bring him out into the spotlight.

    The song is great by the way, not a 10/10 but still good.

  32. It's a guess, But for the Nelly f and JT album it was Timbo & Danja really working 2gether. It was like they took some quality time.
    But lately its Danja on his own and Timbo with hannon, royal court etc.

    Just different

  33. Hey bud....... axiis...... chill out...... i fail to see how it is negative to have the opinion that Timbaland is now tryna keep up with the standard which was set when JT and Nelly dropped. Its nothin against him, and I am not a hater, and I don't care who brought Danja into the spotlight. All that matters is that Danja came out, and his synths played a huge part in the songs being what they were.

    If you want to give Timbaland his credit for a song like My Love for example, let us do it..... let us say that the beatboxing on there was on another level, and that the beatboxing in that song changed the game more so than the synths. I understand that Danja respects his ideas and all of that cute stuff, but on his own, with Timbaland disregarding the project, Danja made some of Britney Spears' best music, not to mention that the work he did with DK was nice. You mite want to make it seem like Danja is oh so far behind, but there is someting called a shelf life, so forgive me for believing that Danja is the future.

  34. The crazy thing is Tim has yet to touch a whole bunch of music like he said he will never fall off.

  35. umm it isnt that horrible of a song its bouncy and im listening to it i dont like how it stops it wastes the energy that the song builds...good ending its very soothing


  37. LMAO. I offer full benefits to my fans. He is secure for life. They even have wacky tie day on Thursdays... where they go out and find a really wacky tie.

    I will share him with you. I require a subscription of $0.01 a month though.

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  40. FINALLY! My fav Keri Hilson tune has leaked:

    "Keri Hilson - Do It (ft. Tank)"

    Has the Grace Jones/LL Cool J sample in it. Nice laid back tune.
    Also, Tank is brilliant in this.
    Seems like Keri's stuff is leaking left and right.
    At least all of her potential 'singles' tunes. Don't know how I feel about that...

  41. To be honest I'm not 100% sure whether its "Do It" or "Do It To Me".
    I'm going with "Do It" as thats what TCC has referred to it as previously.

  42. Who the hell deleted my toast towards myfan4life? Bah on you... bah! Baka baka baka!


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