Monday, August 25, 2008


To this day “Bombay’ is one of my favorite tracks on Shock Value. Amar’s (pronounced A Mer meaning immortal) voice, mixed with Jim Beanz’s backing and amazing vocal production makes for an instant hit. It was that track that brought about my fascination (and music stalking lol) of both of them. The last minute of the track is nothing like I’ve ever heard vocally. It was the perfect track to introduce Amar to American audiences who may have not heard of her before. Unbeknownst to me, back in March of this year Rolling Stone magazine released its first issue in India including an article on Amar and "Bombay." Here it is:

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For some of you (myself included) “Bombay” was the first time you had heard of Amar but don’t get it confused, she has been around for quite a long time. As the article mentions, Amar is the daughter of famed bhangra singer Mangal Singh. She got her start working with Asian Underground including recording 2 tracks for Talvin Signh's incredible Anokha Soundz of Asian Underground album:


"Heavy Breathing Intro"

Amar's was only 16 when she recorded these tracks, incredible!

She also did a Hindi cover of Jennifer Rush's "Power Of Love" called "Sitam" from the movie (not soundtrack) of Bend It Like Beckham. In addition make sure to check out Amar's album called Outside which includes a cover version of Prince's phenomenal ballad "It Never Snows In April."

No word yet on Amar's new album but you can bet we will be hearing more from her unique sound, vision, and voice. Make sure to stop by her myspace and show some love!

Big thanks to Rakshith Ashok and PLM for their help with this piece.


  1. Definitely have to agree on the last minute of Bombay.
    It's so ill, it just showcases Jim Beanz vocal arrangement skills perfectly. Still bump that all the time.
    One of the first songs I was hooked on with Shock Value. The other one was "Hello", which I will use any excuse to mention as it's one of my fav songs ever.....

  2. YESS bombay has always been my favorite on shock value; i NEVER get sick of it!! and i've always been curious about who amar is, so thanks for this!!

  3. amar is da bomb for real! she is mad talent and timbaland was so right in featuring her on shock value! she is the best indian vocalist i heard ever and she writes everything herself too. cant wait to check her album next year. it dont matter that i wont be able to understand a word, her emotion in her vocals says it all! im a fan for life.

  4. i hope she has some timbo stuff on it!
    or atleast danja!
    id love to hear her on a danja beat!!!
    but i hope tim dosent do tht shit he always does and gives the indian singer an indian beat...


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