Friday, August 8, 2008

Interview with Six 2

Finally some news about Six 2! I've been wondering if we were going to hear from him again but I figured it was only a matter of time. If you aren't familiar with Six 2, he originally got his start via the D.O.C with Dr. Dre and worked extensively on the Dre's 2001 album (that's Six 2 on "Exxxplosive") In terms of Timbaland, Six 2, Attitude, and Tim were to release a record together as a trio. They reportedily did over 40 tracks for the album but unfortunately it has never seen the light of day. Thankfully over the years we've heard multiple tracks leaked from the project inlcuding "Mean Walk", "I See You", and "Letz Git High." recently talked with Six 2 to talk about his work with D.O.C and Dre, what really happened with Timbaland, and the future of his music:

Dubcnn: You were talking about the Timbaland project, what happened to that project.

Six 2: Well, he called me down to Miami where he was working on a solo album. After he started working with me it turned from a solo album to a group album. It was me, Timbaland, Attitude, John Doe, and Ms Carrie. We did a gang of songs with him. Then when he got his deal back with Interscope or whoever, it went from the group project to his solo. A lot of those songs we did for him, he used those to get the deal back, and then used other sh-t we wasn’t on. I’d say 70% of the album my vocals was on. Me and Attitude co-wrote Timbaland’s parts. Then after he got the deal, he put out Nelly Furtado album and we were like what the hell happened to our sh-t?

While we were working on his sh-t, he said he wanted to do a solo album on me, so I started working on my sh-t at the same time working on his sh-t. To be real, I don’t think he had any intentions of doing our shit. I might be wrong, but the way things turned out, I doubt it. I wrote a song that he ended up selling to the Pussycat Dolls and I didn’t hear anything about it until it was time for them to start shooting the video. So, now I had to fight to get my percentage of that song. I got like three songs that are on the Timbaland project. There is one with him and Justin Timberlake called “Release” that I did get credit for and then I co-wrote a song called “Bounce” with him, Dre and Missy Elliott. I also co-wrote a song with him and Magoo called “Board Meeting”. A lot of the songs on there I had parts on but when I started fighting for my percentages on the Pussycat Dolls he started taking me off songs I guess because he was mad I was asking for my money.

Dubcnn: So do you still have any of these songs?

Six 2: Yeah, I still have some that was supposed to be on his album and some that was from my solo. One of them, “Mean Walk”, I think they put out with Whoo Kid on a mix CD, that was supposed to be my first lil' solo song. There is the one song called “Lil Old Apartment” that was for Timbaland’s album, and one called “Let’s Get High”. He didn’t use any of those. A lot of the songs I was going to put on something and just leak them to try and get the buzz back.

"Ms. Carrie" is obviously Keri Hilson. Now there's a super group for ya': Attitude, 6'2, D.O.E, Keri, AND Timbaland! Obviously too good to be true. Check your liner notes carefully. You won't see Two's name on "Boardmeeting" and "Bounce" but you will see it on "Release" and The Pussycat Dolls' "Wait A Minute." I have no idea the behind the scenes of these types of situations but it definietly sounds like some kind of sh*t went down. One minute your writing records for your album and the next your fighting for publishing on one of those records used for another group without you even knowing.

Crazy to think that "Mean Walk" was supposed to be 6'2's first single yet instead was used on a mixtape. What a waste of a great track. To refresh your memories, take a listen:

Hopefully one day we'll get to hear "Lil Old Apartment" and more tracks that Tim did for Six Two and the group. Now as far as "Let's Get High" that track actually was released and features Attitude and can be found on Six Two's album Mac-a-roni And G's. Here's the full track:

Now that's a Timbaland beat! For all you alternate version stans, there is a rare alternate to the track with Six 2 only that I still have not been able to get my hands on. There's also another Timbaland track on Mac-a-roni And G's that should have a very familiar sounding beat. Know who else used it?

Big thanks to Big A on this great find and we'll continue to be on the look out for more from Six Two. Don't forget to stop by his myspace page and give the dude some props!


  1. hey when it comes to money there are no friends so yeaa...i would sign him to mosley :D:D:D:D

  2. where's i see you and let's git high?? can someone post? thanks

  3. didnt see the link... lol but can someone post these track to be downloaded?

  4. Yeah can someone PLEASE RIP These two 6'2 songs and that track Talk That its CRAZZYY!!

  5. Let's Get High = Litz Git Hygh = Let's Get Blown Away

    Come on now, this track has been out for 2 years now? One of the hardest Tim tracks ever though

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. well unfortunately i was gone for 2 years in brasil and was kind of out of the loop of music... so i've been updating for the last year... so can someone please hook it up?

  8. lol don't look @ me

    if I can rip the songs, so can you... and I'm steady wondering how many good tim songs I've been missing out on

    this is the shit... especially when attitude comes in. can't wait to hear his album in full

  9. but that's the thing... i dont know how lol... but seriously... how do u rip songs?

  10. a little thing I like to call, Frederick magick.

    i use a computer program or two, though... then online flv converters for youtube & imeem files

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