Friday, August 8, 2008

Kiley Dean backs up Madonna, works with Timbaland

Recently we were able to confirm a few things regarding the cult favorite, Kiley Dean. Yes, that is Kiley singing on Flo Rida's Timbaland assisted hit "Elevator." Kiley paid a visit to Timbo in the studio back in January and he asked her to sing on the track. Kiley confirmed the two were talking and since that time they have recorded some tracks together.

Now the Kiley Dean "comeback" is in full force with Dean going back to her roots as she will be replacing long time Madonna back up singer Donna De Lory on the Sticky & Sweet Tour. Remember Kiley was 'discovered' by Timbo as Britney Spears' backup singer. No word on if Kiley will be doing with full tour with Madonna but once she is finished, Dean will head back to the studio to lay down more tracks with Timmy.

Are we looking at Simple Girl part II? Will their finally be an official album released by Kiley Dean? We'll let you know as more information develops.


  1. I hope she can come back strong w/ a great album if for no other reason that she's a really cool, down to earth girl.

    I met her a little while ago and she's a really nice person.

  2. I hope so. Because I got kiley Dean's first unreleased album, and her/timbo collab was wonderful!!

    Plus she deserves it!! She has a great voice! Esp. if she's back up for Madonna!

  3. Reminder Rapper Six2 (6two) who was sign with timbaland?? , well here is a interview discussing what happen with the Attitude and 6two (six2) project that never happen...

  4. awesome for her!

    but it seems our discussion about simple plan got to your head! kiley's unreleased album was called Simple Girl, J.

  5. HA!! Yep that's exactly what happened Frederick!

  6. I hope soooooo!!!!!! I cant wait to hear the tracks! I heard the simple girl tracks but idk.... i wasnt really feelin it the only song i liked was "Simple Girl".
    i think i didnt like it cuz its kinda old but idk...
    it would be nice to hear her voice on some new modern tim beats!

  7. Simple girl was great even though she was brtney's back up singer clearly she sings way better than britney hopefully they will promote her better considering that was the problem with beatclub.

  8. promo is a problem with EVERY label... although MMG seems to be getting it right with keri and cornell (exc why bother with the latter when there's no announced release date and no single impacting radio?)

    the rest of their artists seem to be in limbo, though. tim should stop signing 'em... well, AFTER kiley, if he should so choose.


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