Friday, August 22, 2008

Video: Cassie F/ Lil' Wayne "Official Girl"

Busy day on The Chronicles so let me leave you with one more:

Feelin' it?


  1. Actually all the productions by Timbo e Danja sounds exactly the same!! Thats sad!

  2. ummm wow to that comment...neways it all looks fake to me the beat was too simple for a simple person and the lil wayne thing was awkward she just couldnt pull it aaliyah wannabe

  3. Boy... hate is a beautiful thing...

    Great video I think.

    It has a nice feel to it.

    Ohh... by the way... music videos are not REAL LIFE!!! Also... movies aren't real... they are recorded for entertainment.. LOL

    Also... she copying A? Really? Where? She danced? Ohh no... she has her hair blowing in the wind? Oh no....

    Dam guys... leave room for other artist... LOL

    You guys are hilarious LOL

  4. It makes me think of 90's music videos. She does actually look like Aaliyah several times throughout this though. It's okay; I've really grown to like that song.

  5. Her hair looks like A, or her face? Or is it her attire? Cause I'm confused...

  6. video is great...but Cassie wasn't able to fully take advantage of that beat. It's a club record but she sings it like it's a ballad.

  7. The song isn't that great.

    T.I. would do it better.

    Why danja, why not a R-Les beat.

  8. Is it just me, but when u watched this video and many others artists, it feels like I'm being spoon fed entertainment, Not much is original.

    OK she does have the Aaliyah vibe. The choreography and the fashion is the same all she need is the dark shady glasses, she even has a timbo/danja beat.

    Its a shame cause i loved her first album, but she's losing the X factor about her.

  9. Hold on she does have the shady glasses, damn what can i say?

  10. now that the song is getting in my head its KIND OF ok... but i dont understand why her or her label would have a filler song as the 1st single??????
    the beatboxing of the beat is hot but danja should hav put a lil more into it...

  11. definitely feeling it.

    love the whole aaliyah swag she's giving, with the styling, the smooth/hard moves, and her whole aura in general. normally, it would bother me but i don't mind her swagga jackin' aaliyah because she openly admits aaliyah was one her idols and someone she looked up to, as opposed to ciara who acts like the similarities are just coincidence..

    most people don't like the track because they can't catch the beat, but once you figure it out, it's hot. cassie most def stepped her game up.

  12. she's 100% manufactured as a music artist. 0 personality, originality or talent. that's 100% the truth.

    having said that who isn't? just so happens cassie is possibly the most manufactured 'artist' out of of them all. there's others who come close though and you can't hate her too much when she looks that good. decent dancer too.

    don't get it twisted i can still enjoy the music but you have to concede that she has nothing to do with the format or content of it.

    danja producing a lead single again...seems like diddy is feeling danja a lot. he's on pretty much all bad boy releases...

  13. Danja's tracks do need more Chemical X.

    And, this video is terrible... first of all, why are they dancing? secondly, 3 minutes of the song are wasted as nothing is going on in the video... it's like watching molasses drip.

    lil wayne should have said no to this project

  14. all that, ny4life, from the same person who asked why timbo's famous... LOL u have no credibility


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