Saturday, August 16, 2008

Keri Hilson "Do It"

We gave you an exclusive inside report on the Keri Hilson track "Do It" and now we have a short performance of it:

The track is definitely catchy, especially the chorus. I'm a big fan of the writing and vocal arrangement. So great to see our Keri out there doin' her thing. Congrats Keri!

Who produced it? Timbo? The breakdown sounds Timboesque but not quite.


  1. reminds a lot of LL Cool J's "Doin It", respectively the original sample from Grace Jones "My Jamaican Guy"

  2. ahhhhh.... ok song...
    but i really dont think its tim...
    i think he would have come up with a hotter beat then just a ll cool j sample.
    he would have added some weird crazy noize or something like that.
    sounds like its tim influenced tho.
    so maybe sebastion's right or maybe its danja or maybe polow took a bite of tim....

  3. Sounds like Japanese elevator music; I like it though. It's good to see Keri serving up more than a harlem shuffle in her performances; not pulling a Mariah, ya know?

  4. @aayize
    I am not even sure yet till I hear the track in its full length, but if so it would sample Grace Jones and not LL Cool J...

  5. This song is tight. It does have a little bit of a Timbo feel to it but I don't hear no signature sounds. I'm thinking maybe Hannon. Dope song though. And Keri was really getting down with the dancing...

  6. The song is bangin'! If it's not Timbaland that's produced it, then it's definitely somebody from Camp Timbo.

  7. The male voice in this is BRILLIANT. I'm guessing it's Jim Beanz.
    Can't wait to hear that in CDQ.

    Personally think he outshines Keri in this song...


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