Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Word Is: Britney Spears will have Timbaland on next ablum

Word is Timbaland will be on Britney's next album or at least so says UK R&B artist Taio Cruz:

I have been writing and producing tracks for the new Britney record but as always with her, I’m not allowed to talk about the sound. Her career is riding on this record so I need to sit down and talk to her to make sure she is ready. The songs will be good - she has Kanye, Pharrell, Timbaland and me doing tracks for her.

It is more a matter of whether she is mentally and physically ready for this. On the last album, Blackout, she was tired and people were forcing her to put another album out. If she is ready it will be huge - she just came with Blackout too early.

Hmm I'm a skeptical about this info but maybe that's because I'm not familiar with Taio Cruz at all. Plus there's no mention of Danja who confirmed he's working on her new album and did most of her last. Interesting though if Timbo is on the album after the not so positive remarks he's said about Britney in the past. Then again the past is the past. Guess we'll wait and see.

NICK'S NOTE: Kanye has denied working with Britney, so Tim's involvement is just as doubtful.


  1. How can you not know Taio Cruz? I know he's not exactly a big name but he recently had an albu, out and has been in the charts too.

  2. "Like A Star", anyone?

    but, Kanye already rebuked this comment, so I'm not so sure as to Taio's credibility about this.

    Kanye: "I HAVE NOT SIGNED UP 2 DO BRITNEY SPEARS MUSIC. short and sweet!"

  3. It always amazes me, you have quotes by someone saying something and it gets proven wrong. So did the person bold face lie? Or did the media just make the quote up?


  4. Taio's own music was hit or (big) miss to me, but I'm excited for this record, if only to hear what kindove tricks Danja is gonna pull for her.

  5. Taio Cruz is a UK artist, J Boogie. He's had a few top ten singles there recently.

  6. Tim said some good and not so good things about britney more good than bad.

  7. yooo i would LOOOVE to hear a brit ft. jt song!!! u know that would be fire cuz they would only put those 2together for a hot ass song!
    but i deff would not wanna hear a "Your All I Need" remake!!!
    but it prob wont happen cuz brit toared up his heart (LOL!) wen she cheated on him :(

  8. Timbo and Britney should be nice. Especially after the Danja and Britney SUCCESS!!!

    I still bump that BLACKOUT album like its new cause of Danja...

  9. Danja laced Britney so correct that I'm more interested in what Danja will do with her again to be honest. I could do without Timbaland, because his shit has been falling off as of late. As long as Danja and Bloodshy & Avant are on board - she's good to go!

    As for Britney being tired - this did NOT impact her music at all. Because Blackout was her best album to date. Which isn't saying much considering her past efforts. But she definitely left her shit at the studio door. It was just a shame she wasn't in a state to promote the album and shoot good videos! *lol*

    Everybody keeps banging on about Justin Timberlake and I wish they wouldn't. Britney and Justin did a song before and it was whack. Plus, his ego would inflate so much if he even had a small part in a successful Britney single. The collabo should only happen if Britney wants it to. Forcing her could open a can of worms and f**k her up again. Justin putting their business on blast is what started her meltdown in the first place.

  10. Justin didn't start anything her fall from media grace was her own fault. If she wants tim on it good for her if she wants justin good for her and shows that she is moving on she just needs to focus on her life and kids the rest will follow after that.

  11. Her break up from Justin was the catalyst for her downfall. Him running his mouth about how he licked her out, f**ked her and how she supposedly cheated and then hooking up with some next chick and dropping "Cry me a river" just pushed her over the edge. It was from then she started melting down. It's no coincidence.

    The problem with Justin is that it seems everyone wants him to work with Britney, but Britney. Timbaland is like "I want Britney and Justin to do a song", "Madonna's saying the same" - but it's like there's nothing from Britney. If she wants to work with Timbaland or Justin it should be because she wants to. Not because external forces are making her. It's not like she NEEDS them anyway. Between herself, The Clutch, Keri Hilson, Danja and Bloodshy and Avant she did a bomb ass album with Blackout. I wasn't even mad at Tim not getting a track on the album because what was brought to the table by those who worked on it was so hot.

    I think her comeback album should be about her and that Justin shouldn't be on it. Draft in Timbaland by all means. I just find it funny how these chicks keep going to Justin in the hope to make sales like he's some musical saviour. Janet did it and it back fired. Madonna did it and the majority of her fanbase hated the single - not to mention all the songs he had a hand in on Hard candy paled in comparison to Pharrell's productions aside from "Miles away". Now they're trying to get Britney on things.


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