Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Danjstrumental of the Week

What happened to the Duran Duran album? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself for months now. All that hype with Justin Timberlake, Danja, and Timbaland on board but despite the would be recipe for success, it seems the final product didn’t translate even with the die hard Duran Duran fans. After 2 singles and 1 video unfortunately all is quiet from the group. Is it a rap for Red Carpet Massacre?

Well even though it didn’t have a video, Duran Duran’s 2nd single “Nite Runner“ did have an instrumental from Danja and we’ve got it for you, take a listen:

Duran Duran "Nite Runner" Instrumental

As I’ve asked before, what makes the Danja and Tim sound work for some (Nelly Furtado, Timberlake, etc) but not for others? But to put a little spin on the question, does that “new” pop sound work well for established artists such as Duran Duran and Chris Cornell? What do you think?

Thanks to Fredrick for the track.


  1. I think the reason this didn't work out all that well is because the long-time Duran Duran fans might not have been satisfied with the band's decision to hop on the pop bandwagon. As you may know, Andy Taylor left the band when he found out about the whole deal with Timbaland and the band's move toward a progressive sound.

    And, aside from that, Duran Duran is somewhat stuck in the past... my friend considers his favorite song from them to be "Notorious"... and we know how old that one is (1986). Plus, going with "Falling Down" as the lead single was the worst decision they could have ever made with this album. I put "Tempted" on my MySpace a while back, and my peers liked it... but, aside from that, there was no REAL mainstream exposure to this album. It had potential, too. I could imagine "Tempted" fitting well in some car promotion.

    Too bad for Duran Duran. I was really hoping this would be an immesurable success, especially considering when I went to buy the album on its release date there were none left at the store. I had to return a few nights later to get it... must have some die-hards around here (but, whether they're Tim/Danja fans or Duran Duran fans, I'll never know).

    PS. Nelly and Timberlake are still young; the sound fits them much better. But, at least this album wasn't as awkward as New Kids on the Block hopping on a Timbaland track (anyone heard it yet? yuck).

    PPS. There's an A Cappella for this track, too, but I doubt the interest is there for it.

    PPPS. Danja did his thing!


  3. Why is it called a danjstrumental? I thought Timbaland was a part of this beat.

  4. I agree even though Danja was instrumental in all the songs Tim definately was involved in this track production wise.

  5. Timbaland WAS (and so was Timberlake, if you want to get technical), but it was promoted as his song during the album's promotional era... let Danja get his shine on.

  6. I loooooove this album!!!
    i have no idea how it didnt get popular!!
    the timbo/danja magic deffinitly worked for duran duran just as much or maybe even more then jt or nelly!
    nite runner and skin diver is 2 of the most played on my ipod!
    "can i put my hands on u tonight...."
    and tempted is AMAZINGGGGG!!!!

  7. Is that New Kids On the Block track really a Timbo production or just some BS from a nobody editing info on wikipedia?

  8. either way it's disgustingly tragic

    and no problem, j boogie... my pleasure

  9. Boogie do u think Australian fans should hold on to their Timbaland concert tickets, or is to safe to say that the currents ones have no value?

  10. I agree that "Tempted" is amazing........... the whole track is beautiful. I am silently wondering what is so much different between what Danja did for DD, and what Timbaland did for Chris Cornell. I mean ppl are most likely going to find ways to uplift Timbaland while dissin Danja but DD's failure had nothing to do with the beats "missing sumthin" lol. I think Danja proved how much depth and versatility he has on his own.

  11. I think Danja worked with and listened to the desires of Duran Duran more than Tim did (then again, it was his obligation, since he did produce the album)... just as well, I don't think Cornell was as involved in the beatmaking process with Timbaland as Duran Duran was with Danja (being that they did co-produce a number of the tracks). Check out "Box Full O' Honey" and think about it.

    PS. Compare "She's Too Much" from DD and "Long Gone" from CC. Who inspired whom with the intros?

  12. ^^^ Good points, and I think it is something that Danja's detractors should give him more credit for. He rarely shuts artists out with his sound. He seems more into customizing his style to suit the artist, which is why he seems so versatile.


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