Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New DanjaHandz interview

Check out this 2 part interview with Danja where he talks about how he met up with Timbo (shout out to Larry Live), talks about the future for him and his label Crown Life Entertainment roster, and has some insightful words on the music scene in Virginia. Check it out:

Part I

Part II

Let's reviewed: Ciara's album, 2 tracks on Pink's album, and Britney Spears.

There's also an interview with Danja's artist Wyld, talking about his new project Street Power II


  1. can't wait for the KC project. danja aint joking when he says it'll be the best album on that kinda vibe since justins.

    the track they got on the step up soundtrack 'say cheese' is BANANAS. track easily goes into my top 5 danja produced joints...

  2. Kevin Cossom... jeez I can't wait for that one to drop... '09!?!?!? man

    but Danja's outlook for '08 is sounding kind of barren. dude should have asked him about T.I. (surprisingly neither of them brought him up!) and Chapter 4

  3. doesn't look danja is gonna have a big part to play in the t.i. album given all the leaking tracks and potential tracklists.

    there is probably only gonna be a couple of danja tracks and we alread heard one of them. shame cause everyone agrees that is the best track t.i. has put out and his album is probably gonna end up being quite average without the best producer in the game contributing more.

    ciara discs are gonna give the biggest dose of danja for the remainder of this year. should be some real good cuts.

  4. man ive really grown to like danja alot!
    i cant wait to hear the danja/ciara!!!
    and the kc project cuz it sounds promising!


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