Friday, August 1, 2008

Danja "challenge"s Lil' Wayne

Hear it for yourself:


  1. finally wayne at least sounds impressionable. give him credit for that.

    i guess i kinda went off on this record... it's not bad. but wayne does seem to love to be on a danja track. just not by himself.

  2. hahahahaha yea right it was hardly that impressive

  3. yea danja and lil wayne should do a album together.

  4. ummmmmm, yeaaaaa (looks around). The beat is decent but as far as cassie and the chemistry musically I'm not seeing it.

    Danja has a solid track here but it might as well been used for another artist. No disrespect to Cassie but maybe switch it to a Lil Wayne ft. Cassie track. Because that was the only time the song felt interesting.

  5. no wonder why ryan leslie is pissed that one of his songs wasn't the first single. i take my compliments back. . . haha

    "hahahahaha yea right it was hardly that impressive"

    oh, I know. somethin got into my head, tho. but, i do believe i am more eloquent than wayne and his vocoded ass

    "yea danja and lil wayne should do a album together"

    after wayne just had 16 different producers on 16 different songs? doubtful.


    ^^^go there to listen to 5 Chris Cornell songs in FULL

  7. thanks dude... ripping and listening as we speak

  8. Wayne's "speaking" voice is hilarious to me... sounds like a chicken with a smoking problem...

  9. ok beat... i like the intro!!!
    i think its tru tho that it should hav been lil wayne ft cassie cuz shes kinda boring....
    and ontop of this this song is VERY boring.
    even though shes boring "me & you" and "long way 2 go" were bangers!
    she needs to have more stuff like that.

  10. "Her voice is crazy!"

    Damn right it is. Crazy and rubbish!

    "Official girl" is garbage. The remix is worse than the original because Lil' Wayne's rap ruins it. Plus his auto tuned vocals at the end just run the remix into the ground completely. When it comes to Lil' Wayne riding the hell out of a Danja beat - it's all about Paula DeAnda's "Easy". Lil' Wayne shut it DOWN on that track.

  11. "Wayne's "speaking" voice is hilarious to me... sounds like a chicken with a smoking problem..."



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