Friday, August 29, 2008

New Kids On The Block "Twisted" produced by Timbaland (Confirmed!)

A lot of our readers have been hitting us up about the new album The Block from New Kids On The Block that leaked recently. According to wikipedia the Timbo track is called "Twisted" and another one called "One Song" from the Deluxe Edition however we can not 100% confirm this.

You can bet though that we're looking into who did what on the album! You'll know real soon.

Update The track "One Song" is positively not Timbaland.

Update II "Twisted" has is produced by Timbaland and I have a feeling either Hannon or Royal Court. Take a listen:



  1. i found the track "One Song" thought you might be interested...

  2. I still don't like the chorus on "Twisted"... probably never will. Too high-pitched for my tastes.

  3. this track is preety weak in my own opinion, nothing new and appealing here !

  4. If I didn't know this was produced by Timbaland I wouldn't bother taking a second listen to it - it's average at best.

  5. THIS SUCKS.... Timbaland needs to stop using his name and just say Hannon or Royal Court or Whoever for Timbaland Productions, and if he really did it which I still think he did not, then I think it's time to go back "in his coffin" and sleep once more until he has a new sound because this is getting very tiring. We all know he switched up the sound with Nelly and Justin's album but since people have been biting and it is time for a change. Like Polow's Forever, the drums and synths is a wannabe Tim track that sadly is or was #1 on Billboard. To me the best producers are the Neptunes and sadly they don't even produce together that much anymore. I used to think Tim was the best, but to me he's gotten lazy and cocky. To me he doesn't "choose" to bring it anymore. I hope his Shock Value II is going to really shake up things because the Chris Cornell is not because the sound is of then and now: the same. I know things change and people change but I think back in the day, Tim was hungry to take it "left" or into the unknown.
    And about NEptunes, I was thought they were equal as in both being #1 due to their different styles, but for now I say the Neptunes is #1 #1 and Tim is #2 #1. I'll even say Pharrell is better than Tim or at least edging past Tim. Spaz is one of the most Craziest tracks ever. Like I said, I know he switched the sound, but to be real, who really did? Was it DAnja's sound, Hannon's sound or both? It's gotten to the point where we don't know if Timbaland really produces anymore. He's like Santa, all his elves make the beats and he delivers them to public.

  6. I was expecting a MUCH better drop than that, drums are terrible..

    Oh well

    Please timbaland, fade into obscurity again and come back with a new style

  7. lol. let it be known 'timbaland' is putting out some generic stuff these days but its mostly his production team cranking them out for the $$$.

    i'd bet tim prolly does the final mix and maybe tweaks the drums on most of those tracks though.

    if you want something fresher sounding then scroll down and check the dude who's sitting in the chair...

  8. Track sounds rubbish like most of recent Timbaland credited songs.
    I dissagree that Neptunes are number 1. I never liked them and didn't hear of any banger by them since a long time.
    Nevertheless - Chris , you got big props for your opinion, it was good reading and you have good point. Lay back in coffin Tim.
    And stop crediting other people work.

  9. lol apt analogy, chris!

    Even though I think the Neptunes are at the top of the list of superproducers, I wouldn't say they're #1.
    Haveacow21, you can't necessarily mesaure talent, creativity or "greatness" with commercial success.. otherwise alot of the alternative music out, would be on the charts. You even look at some past bangers that TimBAland made, yet they weren't really chart-toppers.
    The N.E.R.D. album was good for what it was - it was more of a fun/experimental project for them and it did spawn some decent music.

  10. Hey I agree with Chris lately Tim slaps his brand name on tracks, he should be crediting his team of producers considering his career alone is almost yeah he should fall back in his coffin and continue doing what he doing exec producing. This track is weak Don't care for Old ass kids on the block.... sound like a Hannon track though, Boogie can we get exactly which one of them did this?

  11. Career almost over? wtf? I WISH Tim could hear that from somebody famous, so that he would get his act together. I think Tim feels he doesn't have a challenge - like he's got nothing to strive to. But in reality, there's so much he hasn't done. The income and fame seems so inconvenient for his fidelity and creativity.

  12. the track "light camera action" is produced by timbaland !!! Check it out !

  13. Why do people say he does it for the money he has been having money if anything its more the drive or motivation chris has a point I do hope Hannon or Royal Court get the credit because besides us nobody that follows tim is going to associate him to a average track than his team though he is giving them work back in the day that along with his weight was getting him tired producing solo and being so much in demand I haven't given up on Tim out of nowhere maybe soon or couple of months he will come up with something crazy and the masses will be jockin Timbaland again.


  15. these old kids would have to stay in their blocks :/

  16. Ick. Could've benefitted from better vocal arrangement/production. It probably would've been a hell of a lot better if it wasn't friggin New Kids on the Block. It's pretty gross of them, writhing around all high voiced, acting like they're sexy or something.

  17. I'm not following all of you?

    I think you forget 2 VERY important things:

    1. Most (not all) tracks done by someone besides Tim is credited to that person. It's been like that for many years now. Does Tim add his name to a track he's NOT done? That's a different story all together.

    2. The producers who work with Tim knew what they were getting into. They signed contracts and went into the situation knowing how it would work. It's not like it's a big surprise.

    And if it is they leave....*hint hint

  18. wait i meant brian kidd... no, idk

  19. The Neptunes aren't shit........ Chad makes great music for artists who aren't Justin or Nelly Furtado, and Pharrell experiments alot with latin and Japanese artists, or rappers who arent really hot. When they're together, they make great music more times than not. All that has happened recently is that theyre not together as often. I never understood why ppl used to only credit Pharrell and not Chad, when it is sometimes clear to see the difference in sound when Chad is not around.

    This same thing is happening again with Timbaland and Danja etc, where Timbaland gets the credit, while the partner is often forgotten. I have said it ages ago that all of this shit happening now already happened with the Neptunes... they worked with Britney when she was as poppy as they come, and helped her become a more mature artist. They worked with JT before Timbaland took up this B.S. role about being like Quincy. They worked with No Doubt when, Beenie Man, Sean Paul, Garbage, Rolling Stones, Sade......... All of this shit Timbaland gets credited for has been done before. The Neptunes not only worked with pop/rock artists, but they made good music for dancehall artists, as well as a host of rappers, all at the same time.

  20. EW. I cant believe tim did this...
    This is such a avg. song!
    I HATE how ppl only wanna work with tim now not because he's talented and they enjoy his music and sound. But because he's the IT producer right now and ppl will buy the album if tims name is on it. that is soooo gay!

    lol @ j boogie!
    ur always doin stuff like that!
    "And if it is they leave....*hint hint"
    well i have no idea who this is but im sure wen some1 says who it is im gonna want to slap myself in the face for not knowing!

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. i'm mad that like matt we have to put quotation marks around timbaland's name... that's like having an asterisk next to your name in the book of world records.

  23. You fools! Your souls are mine!!!

    wait... sorry...

    You fools! J is talking about... D-D-D-Danja in the club!

    Nah... but seriously... some of you sound like you don't know how this industry works. Thing is... I expect that because most of you are just fans/listeners/etc...

    Producers... up and coming... like myself... will be extremely happy and quick to sign under a legend like Tim. They (hopefully) read the contract, along with (hopefully) their ent. lawyers... they (hopefully) knew the bounds and bonds.

    You got to be smart like Danja though... when you sign under Tim... dont sound like him... Danja has his own sound... Tim liked that... and I guarantee Tim helped Danja move a long and push him because he knows danja got talent and his own style.

    Enough with this unknown gospel. This track is hot. Why? It works. Period. It sounds poppy. Its a pop cheesy type record. I'm not saying that Pop is cheesy... I'm saying this record sounds like one of those 90's era Pop tracks... back with the Nsync's, Spear's, etc...

    it works. It kind of sounds like Brian Kennedy did this though. It works. Its not that good... but if you Timbaland Crusaders will drop your lvl +56 Fanboyal Paladin Swords and put down your Timhastoproduceeverytrack Paladin Guard down... and put on your listener ears... this track will be nice to you. This is of course not certain for all of you... cause some of you just don't like change... or some don't like the pitch... which (rhymes) I understand... man (w00t)


    I can't believe I typed all that...

    Oh... Venture on the come up... that is all!

    New tracks coming soon!!!!

  24. I don't care wat anyone says.. I love this song :D

  25. I like this song! It's the only New kids joint I've heard that I actually like.

  26. I think this is produced by Jim Beanz along with the vocal production??

  27. Okay. I officially think "Twisted" is blazing!! *LOL* I love it! It should've been a single. The beat is bangin'.

  28. lol the cd isn't even out yet and you're using the past tense "should've been a single"

    so you think this album will flop!? HAHAHAHA

  29. personally i think Lights, Camera, Action was produced by tim/danja.

  30. i change my mind!!!!
    i LOVE this song now!!
    ive been hearing it on my ipod and its HOT!
    i just wish it sounded like tim did this tho....

  31. TWISTED is produced by Timbaland and Jerome Harmon for JROC/Timbaland Productions and additional production from james Fauntleroy.

  32. LIGHTS CAMERA ACTIO is definitely Polow Da Don w/ backgrounds by PCD...tracks was originally meant for Usher's album.

  33. This track will blow up. I love it now.


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