Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Throwback: Terri & Monica

It was the late 80s and Teddy Riley's New Jack Swing era was in full affect. Between his endless productions for Heavy D, Al B. Sure, Wreckx-N-Effect, New Kids On The Block, Whitney Houston, Blondie, and Boy George to name but a few, Riley was also a part of the very successful group Guy (who's albums I bumped all through high school). To off set the male dominated New Jack Swing movement, the New Jill Swing also was created and at the forefront was a a rap trio named The Gyrlz.

The Gyrlz, with help from Heavy D, were asked by Andre Harrell of Uptown Records (Mary J Blige, Jodeci) to record an album and Wishing You Were Here was born. The album had minor success but the it opened many doors for the group including touring with Bobby Brown, Al B. Sure, and New Edition before finally breaking up and going their separate ways.

But 2 members of the former group, Terri Robinson and Monica Payne continued to work together releasing 2 albums in the 90s including the 1996 album Suga and it's hit Sexuality (If You Take Your Love)". A good song should always get a good remix and no one can do a remix quite like Timbaland especially in the 90s. I have no idea how the duo and Timbo hooked up (maybe through Missy) but Tim flipped the entire beat and gave us the Terri & Monica "Sexuality (If You Take Your Love)" Timbaland Street Remix featurin Miyssy Elliott.

Now most of you probably have this track but I bet you have the version that cuts off at around 2 and 1/2 minutes. This, however, is the full (and much rarer) version for your listening pleasure:

and also as bonus we've got the Timstrumental to download and add to your collection:

Terri & Monica "Sexuality" Timstrumental

The track has that old school 90s vibe to it a la Total. Listen to Timbaland when he says " sex on a platter...." can you name the track he's quoting and by who? BIG thanks to Dimu for the tracks.


  1. maaaaaan... can someone upload this track... i could never find this track in full.... thanks

  2. Good Find DIMU, and Great Post J Boogie.

  3. I couldn't find it either or lack there of trying.

  4. "It's like Rome and JULIET! Hot sex on a platter just to make you sweat! Youz..."

    Silk E. Fyne

    hah ha!!!!!!!!!

  5. Nope. Think of a popular hip hop group of the 90s and you'll find it :)

  6. You are correct Elliott! Now what song?

    Tim also sampled Tribe multiple times in the 90s for various tracks.

  7. Hey there...this is Monica from Terri and Monica...can u believe that I don't have a copy of this?? I know... crazy!! I'd love it if you could pass this along 2 me. I couldn't download it from ur page. :( A BIG thank you to you for showing us LOVE!!! Thank you so is appreciated! You can find me at or
    Hope 2 hear from you soon! Until then, my search for the 'Sexuality" remix continues! ;)



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