Saturday, August 2, 2008

5 tracks by Chris Cornell

Planet Radio 103.7 recently talked with Chris Cornell about his new album Scream and what it's like working with Timbaland. Also there's 5 FULL songs off the album posted on 103.7's website. They are:

1. "Watch Out" Yes I agree with most of you, an Ashlee Simpson leftover. Jim Beanz's vocal genius is all over this track during the chorus and especially during the bridge, damn! Check the very end though, why can't the whole track be like that?

2. "Scream" Very cool laid back track. Cornell's voice couldn't sound any better. Who's the guy that comes in halfway thru? Attitude? Izza? I have a hunch those strings in the track are Larry Gold.

3. "Long Gone" This is my favorite track of the bunch. Cornell sounds incredible. As I listen through the tracks, I'm reminded what a phenomenal singer the guy is. Love the choral voices and the spacey feel it has.

4. "Never Far Way" Can you believe it's the same producer of Aaliyah's "One In A Million"? Timmy T has come a long way! Not a big fan of the song BUT it's the most Chris Cornell rock n roll track of the 5 so I can appreciate it. Timbo's production took a back seat to Chris Cornell's voice and vibe which is as it should be.

5. "Ground Zero" Timbo takes an 80s bass line, adds a simple background call, mixes it all together and comes out with this gem. Another great track for Cornell to showcase his vocals. Check the scratches! Tim bringin' it back.

Overall some great production from Timbo. Seems as though Tim really took a back seat on the production and let the real star, Chris Cornnell, shine. First time too as usually Timbo's production on "rock" tracks overpower the artist. I'm definitely happy with what I hear so far and will be copping that disc in September.

Still I have to ask, is this Timbaland's best work of his entire career? As a HUGE fan of Tim in the 90s I have to disagree but this new music still keeps that love going. Timbo the King!!


  1. and there are probably seven more tracks to hear... personally, I just want to hear the tracks melt into each other, if nothing else.

    now if hannon lane could get on a rock artist's album (I need to hear more from this guy; he's sleepin'!), the circle may be complete.

  2. Timbaland's best work was 100% Ginuwine.

  3. i think his best wrk was anything wit missy, aaliyah and the Loose album.
    i like these songs alot but maybe tim was saying that this was his best work as a complete album and not so much his best work on beats...
    if som1 could give me the links to these id kiss the floor the walk on and i would love u for evr and evr no homo!


  5. for aayize and sshearer
    it's a zip file
    hope you don't mind.
    if it skips, that's not me... just the track.

  6. the songs ain't bad, but NOWHERE, n-o-w-h-e-r-e near his best material!!! in other words: if Tim's name wouldn't be attached to those song and that singer, I wouldn't even give it a listen...just not my music

  7. word... just like i haven't listened to a single duran duran song aside from Red Carpet Massacre

    and once again, i forgot to tag that upload. oh well, the beat skips should be maddening enough :D

  8. These songs definitely grow. Like them more than I thought I would. Tim never stops impressing with his quality and versatility. Also can't wait for the interludes/continuous aspect of it. That's like getting 12 additional Timbaland beats on the album and Tim always brings heat in the 'ludes.

    Best work? Definitely not his best beats but he's so far beyond just making beats now. Tim is basically guiding Cornell's career (props for CC for getting all the way on board the Tim bandwagon), making 12 of the sickest beats with little cohesiveness is not what Cornell needs. Tim understands the game much better now than with Beat Club. His artists are all successful and this is the biggest departure for Tim outside of his comfort zone. Obviously, we have to hear the finished product but it could go down among his greatest accomplishments.

  9. Im sure Timbo and Chris are saving the best tracks for last.

  10. ginuwine 100% was his best album!!

  11. When Tim gets a project most of if not all the time it comes out well. Even Deliverance He made an hiphop/country album the music was great but they didn't know how to promote Bubba. This is totally different to what tim has ever done he continues to push the envelope.

  12. y'welcome

    i favor ground zero at the moment. the snippet made me think little of it, but now, the instrumentation (especially on the bridge) does me in. too bad it's so dang short compared to the other songs

    provided i have money when this cd comes out, it's a priority.

  13. I liked all the tracks, I really liked Never Far Away... that beat is o awesome. It could also be used for a Hip Hop, Pop, or RnB record.

    All the tracks sound promising.

    Best work of his career? Hardly... but that answer is really up to Tim, not us....

  14. long gone is available on amazon!!!


    check out trailer of Cassies video "Official Girl"

  16. The intro to Long Gone is so lovely. Never Far Away is pretty good too. I wouldnt say this is Tim's best work but the more I listen to this, the more I like. Maybe Tim can hear something in Cornell's music that we cant right now. Give it time and I think it might grow on us and we'll agree with him a lot more.

  17. what ever happend to part of me???
    that was the stuff i liked! It sounded like the fs/ls and loose! i was really lookin forward to hearing that cuz that beat sounded hot and actually sounded like tim.
    these songs are good but dont sound like tim...

  18. Damn...his voice is really fantastic. The songs are all "good". Not earth shattering, like Loose was, but all solid tracks. To me, his voice is the best part. I'm gonna get it...

  19. to me Tim best work was on missy, ginuwine, aaliyah,playa and bubba sparxxx he did some ground breaking things with his music, i think the Chris Cornell is good maybe even great but not his best work of his career

  20. I think Tim may be saying this is his best work because he's getting away from what he's been known for in the past and making music where the songs can stand on their own rather than having to be readily recognizable as a "Timbo" track...I still think he did his best work with Missy and Bubba, tho

  21. I love his new music style! I just can't wait to listen to the WHOLE album and seeing how anything fits. Really awesome. Thanks guys!

  22. One of my fave albums that Tim had a hand in was Nelly Furtado's Loose. Timbaland switched his shit UP on that album. Every track was a masterpiece. I also love that record because of "Wait for you". It's almost like Tim said "F**k it! I'm-a do a typical Timbo joint!" and just put it out. That track is bananas! The drums are disgusting.

    Tim put it DOWN on Afrodisiac too. He did not miss a beat with that album and his beats with Brandy vocals was just something else. I'm mad that "Come as you are" was not released as a single. Simple girl was also another fave album of mine that Tim did because no 2 joints sounded alike. "Keep it movin", "Kiss me like that" and "As days gone by" will forever be fire.


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