Thursday, August 14, 2008

"Jockin' Jay-Z" versus Timbaland's Blueprint 3

I've been debating topic, should we mention this should we not? Is it worth discussing or not really? In the end I think it's definitely relevant and as always I enjoy everyone's opinions on the subject. Let's rewind to only a month ago when Timbaland made the big announcement that he was going to produce all of Jay-Z's next album. How hyped were you to hear the news? I know I was. Tim and Jay, everything they've ever done has been magic so to think of a whole album man that would be incredible.

But just like that only a couple of weeks later Jay-Z cleared up any absolutes for his album rather rolling with whatever sounds good and feels good will go on the album. "We [Timbaland and I] spoke about doing an album; it just was premature," Jay explained.

Then a week ago at his Madison Square Garden show, Kanye West brings Jay-Z out to perform the Kanye produced "Jockin' Jay-Z" with chants of Blueprint 3 followed by an insider report that Kanye West will be producing "most if not all of the [Jay-Z's] album" along with possible contributions by producer No ID.

So my question is: What happened in only a month? Was Timbo talking premature, building up hype for the possibility? Was "Jockin' Jay-Z" planned for Blue Print 3 all along or recorded just recently? Or is this all just talk and rumors and we should all just wait and see till the album comes out? What do you think?

And as a little side bonus: Wonder what the sample is on "Jockin' Jay-Z"? It's none other than Run DMC's "Dumb Girl". Keep listening, you should find an obvious sample to a popular E-40 track on there too. Hear it?


  1. I personally feel that this song is horrible and Jay is making a huge mistake not using Tim (if that is how it all shakes out).

    I've posted this before but I just don't thing Jay cares that much about music anymore. Kingdom Come and American Gangster were so far below my expectations for Jay (uncoincidentally, no Tim). When will he learn that people want Jay Z and Tim. Kanye does not make great beats, he is a better rapper than producer now. If Jay every regains touch with populus he will run back to Tim begging for a banger.

  2. I like Jockin Jay-z though i hope tim will get at least three tracks at this point.

  3. i think the song annoys the hell out of me:
    1) the beat has this like i would say electric guitar thingy goin?? ITS ANNOYING AS HELL!! wtf!!
    2) Kanye brings the level of arrogance that Jay had before and multiplies it times a billion
    3) it just wasnt good :( timbo could bring so much more big mistake on jay's part i agree nathan

  4. how the hell could u pick kanye over tim??? maybe im a little biased but w.e.
    how could u choose kanye over the peroson that gave you TWO of ur biggest hits EVER!!!
    i think jay-z's on crack!
    VERY dissapointed...

  5. It's not set in stone that kanye,NO ID is producing the whole thing personally I don't think anyone is producing the whole album. He probably is going to get Just,Ye,hopefully Tim,everybody is supposedly sending Jay beats just like a normal jay album.

  6. this track is extremly annoying, trying to compete with the "A Milli", same level...worst Jay-Z track I know

  7. Check out the Jockin' Jay-Z video with puppets LOL


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