Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who Flipped It Better? Mushtaq Vs. Timbaland

This is one of my favorite sample flips simply because I'm a big fan of the original sample. Let’s get right into it. First up let’s look at UK pop artist Raghav Mathur. Born in Canada, before moving to the US and later to the UK to be a music artist, Raghav was originally in the R&B band 11/7. Receiving kudos from various music heads and producers, Raghav got a solo deal with A&R Records and released his 1st album Storyteller in late 2004. 3 top 10 singles later, a huge fan base all around the globe, and a platinum debut album under his belt, Raghav Mathur has completed his new album Identity which is to be released October 26. For his lead single off the album, Raghav is joined by none other than Redman on a track that should sound familiar to all of you. Here’s the video for “My Kinda Girl” produced by longtime collaborator Mushtaq:

Know the sample yet?

If not, let’s take a look at a Timbaland classic form back in the day with Jay-Z called “The Bounce.” The track features a huge artist-to-be Mr. Kanye West and the very subtle yet sultry voice of Raje Shwari. We’ve discussed this track and its sample before but it’s a great time to revisit it since the sample was reused recently. Here’s the track:

Now usually we ask you to name the sample but in this case it’s pretty obvious. It’s called:

“Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai” from the Bollywood film Khalnayak

So who flipped it better?

I have to say Timbaland or rather Raje killed the sample. She completely flipped the delivery and style of the original. “Timbo The King” on a Kanye assisted track? Classic.

Props to Big A on the find.


  1. Makes me wish that Raje would work with Tim again; I wonder if there's any hard feelings now? Would love to hear an Indian styled track from Tim or Danja, specially with their style now-a-days.

  2. ^^^ To me Best Best is Danja's "Indian styled track".... even though its full of synths. He has a few others, such as the one for Chapter 4 (3rd Storee).

  3. I loved The Bounce Jay,Ye,and Raje killed it.


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