Saturday, August 23, 2008

Timbaland at Coke Live Festival in Poland

Timbo performed in Poland yesterday as part of the Coke Live Festival in Krakow, Poland with DJ Freestyle Steve. He performed tracks from his platinum selling Shock Value and other recent hits including "Promiscuous Gril", "Throw It On Me", "Bounce", "AYO Technology", "Oh Timbaland", "4 Minutes", and many others. Sean Paul, Prodigy, and MIssy Elliott will be performing today.


  1. no offense but tim be lookin bored at all his shows.... well at least the ones on youtube since he dont like performing here in the states... he got no energy... he need and mc or someone to accompany him cuz he look lost when he on stage... but good to see he still doin his thing

  2. new rock track produced by danjahandz!!!

    called let it rock ft lil wayne

  3. "why da fcuk is timbo even famous?? LMAO"

    Because he changed the music industry....twice.

    If you don't know why Timbaland is famous then why do you come to this site? lol

  4. you sure, audioboxblair? the iTunes single only credits Wayne and Rudolf

    ... hot song, nonetheless.

  5. Because he changed the music industry....twice.

    ^ dre changed it 3 times

  6. "Because he changed the music industry....twice.

    ^ dre changed it 3 times"

    Good thing i'm a dre fan too lol.

  7. well im jus sayin cuz if you listen to the beat it has that same synth as "we takin over" and the guy has played guitar on numerous tracks produced by tim and danja and he's based in miami where danja and tim work out of

  8. not that i don't believe you... i just like knowing for sure before i hear some nobody made it


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