Tuesday, August 19, 2008

When Timbaland (or Hannon) interpolates

We haven't covered an interpolation in awhile but this one is well worth the wait. Let's go back not too far to Flo Rida's hit single "Elevator". Not as blazin' as "Low" but still Timbaland or should I say Hannon definitely hooked up Flo Rida with a dope beat. Check that opening piano sequence. We know Tim is not known for his keys but Hannon however is. So was the piano melody off the top of the dome or did Tim or Hannon hear it before?

Turns out they must be Bruce Springsteen fans since the original melody comes from a Boss track from his 1990 album Darkness on the Edge of Town. The track is called "Prove It All Night" and took 49 takes to get the final recording for the album. Here's a live version:

Sounds like either Tim had Hannon replay the melody or Hannon did it himself, either way it shows how creative an interpolation can turn out. Big thanks to Edwin on the find!


  1. yeah i guess i could tell where they would get it from but it's just a bright piano with the same rhythms. but cool find

  2. yep they took that, it sounds good the way the did it for elevator

  3. am piano sitzt bestimmt timbaland selber =)

  4. hey j boogie thanks for the props cheers

  5. With the same piano sample.
    i've come across something closer to home
    (Australia...my home)

    Check out song by major australian artist Delta Goodrem and her song: Predictable...
    the similarities go hand in hand..
    hard to deny it.

    good simple song too..


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