Saturday, August 16, 2008

MIssy and Keri get pushed back

Following the same route every artist does these days, Keri Hilson and Missy Elliott have had their albums pushed back. Keri's has only been pushed back a couple week until October 7th. No word as to why but I'm sure Keri wants to make sure a solid, debut album with all the fixins is ready for us.

Speaking of fixins, Missy's album has been pushed back to around Thanksgiving (Mid-November). That's a 2 month push back which makes me think the album is going to be reworked. With the talk of this hot, new track "Talk That" meant for Missy, I have a feeling she's going back into the studio with Timbo to create some magic. Add to that the 3 tracks she's released in the last 6 months "Ching A Ling", "Shake Your Pom Pom" and "Best Best" have not done well at all.

Still too scared to take us to the left Miss? Let's hear it!


  1. wow wasnt keri's album supposed to come out like mid 07???
    missys album tho i can wait for cuz maybe while tim and mis are in the studio they can come up with more then just one song!
    that would be hot if tim did like 5 or 6 songs on the album!
    i hope they keep tim's part on "Talk That" cuz he sounded amazing!

  2. There was a track on Wyld's mixtape that Danja could've easily sent to Missy... I don't think he should have tried too hard with "Best, Best"

  3. mmmmmmm.... missy did well with under construction coming out in the 4th quarter... maybe she can do it again.... it was around this time in 02 she came out with work it...

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  7. I haven't really heard ''Best Best'' around my way or Shake your pom pom but then again I don't really listen to the radio either. I hope she does go back in the studio with Tim he obviously got some more tracks for her.

  8. We'll I think the songs release by Missy are crazy tight. Specially Best Best. It just needs a video. With no video it's not going to get no play. I hope in the event of her album being pushed back they really put some work on it...

    Keri album I know is going to be ridiculous. Whether it's pushed back or not is going to be crazy...


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