Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Watch Keri Hilson, D.O.E, and One Republic

Here is the official concert footage from the McDonald's show this past Sunday. You can also vote for Keri to have one of her songs in a McDonald's commercial:

McDonald's show live with Keri Hilson, D.O.E, & One Republic


You need to go to the far right hand side of the page and click the indiviudal ketchup packets and then you can watch the video in the center of the hamburger box. Haha I'm serious!



  1. oh keri killed it on Where Did He Go, it seems like The Way I Are is a bit too much for her to sing live tho

  2. Wow, Keri ate a quarter pounder. [b]With cheese[/b]! And what a turnout, Keri has such such buzz! OKay enough with the jokes, couldn´t she perform something else than The Way I Are, I´ve heard it so often that I´m starting to hear it when I fart...

    I love you, I love you, McDonalds, thank you!

  3. keri is.. what's the word.. whack.

  4. Just listened to "Miscommunication", she killed it, she shines on certain high notes and can't hit others but I think overall she's a good live performer. "Miscommunication" is such a complex song to sing too, she pulled it off really well.

    Remember she's been a writer just used to singing demos for years and now she's the artist so you gotta give her time to get used to live performances.

  5. Listening right now, and so far (two songs in), she sounds better than I've heard her in the past. Love her vocal style no matter what her status with performing live, honestly.


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