Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Danja in Wall Street

When the Wall Street Journal is doing a lengthy article on you, you must be doing something right. Check out this article on Danja that talks from his start with Teddy Riley (who knew?), his price per beat, and his future possibly scoring movies:

****As he navigates this landscape, Mr. Hills offers an example of how radically the role of producer has shifted and the extent to which a hit hinges on the most basic ingredients, especially the beat. For many rock and country tunes, the song still takes shape when a songwriter picks up a guitar or sits down at a piano, but for the hip-hop and R&B songs that dominate today's pop charts, the moment of creation is more likely to be when a producer fires up a drum machine.

Mr. Hills's rise has been propelled by his apprenticeship with Timbaland. Mr. Mosley, 35, is a production veteran who has also achieved success as a performer. Although the two still collaborate occasionally on high-profile projects, such as songs for Madonna's next album, Mr. Hills is carving out his own territory. Demand for his aggressive, sculpted beats, offset by spacey melodies has packed his calendar with clients ranging from Mariah Carey to rapper Missy Elliott.

Danja Effect: Artists Nate 'Danja' Hills has worked with, clockwise from above, Madonna, Duran Duran, Justin Timberlake. Now his challenge is to expand his brand beyond that of a beatmaker. To do that, Mr. Hills and his small team of advisers are seeking out diverse projects. He is looking into scoring movies, developing his own artists, and working with Latin and rock groups, such as the pop-punk band Simple Plan.****

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  1. Nate Hills worked w/ Teddy Riley on the last Blackstreet album 'round 2002 (LEVEL II). Given that he's from VA, i know TR stays down in VA so he tries to cultivate talent there.

  2. A Nate Hills movie score would be interesting, to say the least. Might get me to buy soundtracks again.

  3. i wonder what timbaland thinks for this. timbo really helped this guy. i am glad danja is on the rise

  4. I'd love to hear a Danja soundtrack.


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