Thursday, October 18, 2007

VH1 Honors Missy Elliott

Here's the performance:

Thanks to Walt!


  1. Great energy there.

  2. i thought it was weak... missy never hit the stage, but every other honory did a performance besides the wildstyle guys...they should of had like swv out there or gina thompson or ginuwine it would been hotter or atleast sum older missy songs..that weave on tweet was ridiculous... i thought it was a drag queen at first

  3. yeah tweet did look kinda funny HAHAHAHA! omg so funny, and timbo forgot the lyrics, it hink Eve saved that ish, she kilt it with the Work it verse and when she did the Hot Boyz Remix, wow she kilt it
    Ciara...wat can i say? lol But Missy seemed to enjoy it so its all good
    I think Timbaland shoulda had more involvement in the performance but...ya kno

  4. Timbo should have been honored rather then missy as he dun all tha tracks 4 her except loose control.. but i suppose Tims got more to give in the future


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