Sunday, October 21, 2007

More Jay-Z + Tim News

******** JAY-Z TIME

I heard Jay-Z had a nice little conference call with a bunch of media and some interesting things came out of it. We all know that American Gangster is coming out and we’ve seen tracklistings and whatever. Well, I heard that – in addition to the songs we know about – I hear that Timbaland might make the album. Kanye submitted two beats, but Hov didn’t take either. Also, there is the matter of “Dead Presidents III” and that song is FIRE – even though it is just a snippet. It sounds like a mythological update of the original. ********



  1. I don't see Timbo being able to make a whole bunch of songs that fit with the whole American Gangster theme. One, maybe two at best. Club hits and thats about it. I dont know if Tim has ever completely produced a "rap" album. May not be a good fit here, but I would like to see it happen.

  2. ^^^I guess you never heard of Bubba's Deliverance. That album is pretty much a fucking classic. Also when it saids make the album he is not referring to producing the whole thing its just saying his track is going to make the final cut.

  3. ^^^^I know that album is classic, but I don't really know if you can call that rap and compare it to JayZ's style. That was hick-hop. I realize what Nick meant by "make" the album now, which is how it should be. Producing the whole thing would force Timbo to really shift his current style, which I'm sure he would be perfectly able to do.

  4. After some translation, some cats who work for japanese distributors said the same about a Timbaland possibly bein on there. Heard this yesterday.
    Crossin my fingers...
    Tracklisting I was given

    1 Intro
    2 Pray
    3 American Dreamin`
    4 Hello Brooklyn 2.0 Featuring Lil Wayne
    5 No Hook
    6 Roc Boys (And The Winner Is)...
    7 Sweet
    8 I Know
    9 Party Life
    10 Ignorant Sh*t Featuring Beanie Sigel
    11 Say Hello
    12 Success Featuring Nas
    13 Fallin`
    14 Blue Magic
    15 American Gangster

  5. and what about ms jades album? that was another classic.

  6. I just hope he makes the cut period even though i dont think he will heard this news a couple of weeks ago. Tim can pretty much make any beat i dont think it would be a problem with him sounding like the rest of the album.

  7. So tim is elbowing his way to get on jay's album And he contributed a beat to the G-Unit album coming out.


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