Saturday, October 6, 2007

Britney Spears Blackout Demo

An 18 track album of Britney Spears tracks called The Blackout Sessions has just been released. Apparently leaked by Jive as a warm up to Britney's new album and as a promotional tool for Britney's direction of the new album, the 18 track "album" contains new tracks from Danja and The Neptunes. Here's the tracklisting:

1. Break The Ice produced by Danja
2. Got Me High/Perfect Lover produced by Danja
3. Tell Me What You're Sippin' On
4. Everybody
5. Heaven On Earth
6. Out Of This World could be Danja
7. Radar written by The Clutch
8. Get Back produced by Danja
9. We Can Do It (Get Naked) produced by Danja
10. Pull Out
11. Sugarfall produced by The Neptunes
12. Fillin' Me Up
13. Kiss You All Over
14. Baby Boy
15. Mystical (State Of Grace)
16. Stupid Things produced by The Neptunes
17. Cold As Fire......I still think this track is produced by Danja and written by T Pain despite what MTV says
18. Let Go


  1. hot shit... thanks, j boogie.

    And I agree with you wholly on Cold as Fire. But, Danja's really pulling out his finest... "We Can Do It" is sick.

    But, I wonder, where's the song with the Pac-Man sample and the horns? Was that a fake, or is it just not coming out ever?

  2. she needs to stop actin like a doche cause these are good well produced songs but might not get the right attention cause of her.... danja and pharell did there thing u just cant hate

  3. damn... Danja could've ripped that one.

  4. one of dem (cant member da name) sounded a bit lyk love stoned, i lyked stupid things dat was ok

  5. lol, a bunch of crap songs.
    Hope it paid well.

  6. OMG, "Get Back" back is ridiculous. Danja's sound is on another futuristic level to me.

  7. "Out Of This World" is definitely Danja. Even has the exact open hi-hat as "Maneater".

  8. I agree about the hi-hat thing.

    Danja sures loves that synth sound he's used in "We can do it", doesn't he? He used it for Summer Love (JT), Miscommunication (Timbaland), as well as "Get Back." Soon he may have to stop using it for a bit, like that choir sound.

  9. danja outshone pharrell in this round. altho in all fairness p prolly only made what britney wanted. it seems like she wanted the midtempo slow shit wid the neptunes sound, and wanted her club joints to b provided by danja. timbaland is gonna eat his words about the danja brit collab. remember wen he said gimme more wasnt really sayin much? lol "she needs us and if she comes and apologizes i will help her" HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  10. Danja and Britney have a definite chemistry. All their songs are hot and Britney sounds hot on all of 'em. I'm still all over "Get back". I can't believe how hot that joint is. If she wasn't so f**ked up and she had her shit together she could've opened the VMA's with "Gimme more" and then mixed it into "Get back" and dropped one dope dance routine to it.

    Also, is that Danja singing on "We can do it (Naked)"? It sounds like him doesn't it? *LMAO*

    I like the Pharrell joints too. Britney sounds quite nice on 'em. I think Pharrell and Britney didn't see the point in going for another song like "Slave 4 u" (that shit was hot!) - so they went for something the complete opposite and mid tempo. I like these 2 tracks. It's a shame they might be included on the final tracklisting.

    Between Danja and Pharrell, Britney has a decent handful of songs that I think should all make the final cut.

  11. Danja is that dude, he comes with his own style of productions he doesn't bite anyone not even tim.

  12. Britney and Danja definitly have some major chemistry. It would be great for him to executive produce, although that's not likely. Every thing that they've done together is just instant fire, creative, and different. I'm glad for both of them.

  13. Danja is somethin else man...
    It's his time, I can't say it no other way.

    Britne's lettin good tracks go to waste. It's a shame. I can think of about 5-6 R&B/pop ladies that could have a couple of hits off of em...

  14. hey danja fans.
    If u knew a little bout timbo productions u would see that danja is reusing timbo sounds, beats og ideas i 99% of his songs.

    Danja can use what he want from the Timbo "archives".
    And if u guys looked for "danja recycling" ,like u have been looking for what timbo samples, u will find the Danja is a timbo recycler.

  15. That's my sentiment, too... even though I hear sounds from Katharine McPhee's song (I forget which one) and "Miscommunication" in "We Can Do It", it's still the shit. Danja can change it up if he wants, so I don't care if he does the same thing three or four times.

    I should open a Danja blog or something.

  16. I don't care if Danja recycles, uses the same sounds or sucks out Timbaland's bum hole. Bottom line: Those Britney joints are FIRE! And Danja is the shit. Every producer recycles. Every single one. From Dr. Dre to Rodney Jerkins to The Underdogs. The only 2 Danja joints where I've thought "Damn. That was jacked from another production of his" was Fantasia's "Bore me (Yawn)" and Nikki Flores' "Beautiful boy" where the drums were EXACTLY the same.

    I can't believe these Danja and Pharrell productions could get left off of the final record. "Get back" is straight fire from start to finish. I was not expecting Britney to come so correct with this song at all. Unlike "Gimme more" where it felt like Britney hardly sung at all and didn't really bring it, she owns "Get back". I LOVE the "Let me see ya...let me see ya...Danja! Bring it back!" *LOL*

  17. is Danja "recycling" Tim, or has he just been co (ghost?) producing with Tim for all those tracks that some are calling recycling? Think about it. Makes you wonder how much Danja has really done for Tim.

    I've heard "Everybody" and "Heaven on Earth" and they are both good. Everybody samples eurythmics "sweet dreams" and sounds like it was produced by jr rotem (SOS).

    the hottest track though is that pacman sampling one that was on youtube. are we sure that is really a fake? maybe it'll be on the real album.

  18. "Everybody" is bullshit. That song is awful. I don't think J.R Rotem is that good a producer. The only song he's done that I like whole heartedly and think is BANGIN' is Jennifer Lopez's "Stay together" - which is the only decent song on her new album 'Brave'.

  19. i cant believe im sayin this but i think imma cop brit's album, those joints are str8 FIYAH! danja kilt it with her and yeah their chemistry is phenomenal

    is it produced by the Neps or jus pharrel personally the day he got rid of chad was the day his beats went down hill. chad is that missing link cuz all of these sound ok, not THE SHIT

    i still wish timbo was on here, but its ok.

  20. i swear every post on here a bout britney gets more ridiculous every week...damn her whole career has been a mess...shes zero vocal ability...and you praise danja like he ivented his style... u need too hop off his sack honestly..he hasnt made anything close too classic with production by his self

  21. change the name of the site too...dick

  22. ^^Interesting enough that was the original name for the site but it was already taken...

  23. All I know is I hope that at least half of these songs make it to the final songlist. Britney needs at least SOME sort of silver lining, and hopefully everyone will take the focus off of Britney "the trainwreck" and perhaps focus on Britney "the musician". The Neptunes and Danja did awesome jobs on these songs and I hope that this will help Britney get some focus back and make a splendid, refreshing return to music.


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