Tuesday, October 30, 2007

BossPlayya Presents: Missy's DA REAL WORLD Timstrus

DA REAL WORLD goes down as my fave Timbaland produced 'album'. Ain't a song I don't like on this record. And, eventho it went platinum, outside of the diehard Missy/Tim fans, it was consifered a disappointment at the time on the commercial side.
This is where I'd like to call on y'all to help me. There are three instrus that originated off this album. The three singles. Now, HOT BOYZ is a cd-rip, hq. But I ripped SHE'S A BITCH and ALL N MY GRILL off vinyl back in 99! 8 yrs ago! If you have em in nicer quality than mines? Hit me up...in the meantime, here go some crazy timstrus this week.

She's A Bitch instru
All N My Grill instru
Hot Boyz instru


  1. I think I do have em in better quality, I'll up em when I get home...PLEASE rip Hot Boyz with LAME/EAC!!! I would melt my bladdder for it.

  2. So if you ripped vinyl 8 years ago then you must be capable of doing it again. You know where I'm going with this Rod ;)

    Props for the Timstrumentals. I only have vinyl at the moment too but I'm in the process of ripping them in high quality.


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