Monday, October 29, 2007

Danja & Simple Plan "When I'm Gone"

Today MTV reported on Simple Plan's new album with production by Danja. Their lead single is called "When I'm Gone" co-produced by Danja. Here take a listen:

There definitely is a big difference between this track with Danja co-producing versus say any of the Danja solo produced Duran Duran tracks. Of course they are 2 different bands with 2 different sounds but none the less that Danja sound is not as prominent on this track.

MTV said about the collabo:

****"We're a band that's sold something like 7 million records, had two records that did really well, so we had to find a way to change without changing, to kind of reinvent ourselves," frontman Pierre Bouvier said. "All the bands that stand the test of time always have that record where it sounds different than anything previous, so we wanted to make things that sounded a bit more fresh. And so we did things like work with guys like Danja. He'd come up with some stuff, very synthy, very beat-oriented, and we'd write on that, and we made these really cool songs. And from there, we felt more confident to try something different, so we wrote the rest of the record."

Working with Hills marked the beginning of the end of a year-and-a-half journey making SP's yet-untitled third album, which the guys say will be released in late January. The voyage took them from their hometown of Montreal to San Diego, down to Barbados and then to Miami, and saw them courting collaborations with artists like Gwen Stefani and Will.I.Am (though neither of those will appear on the final product). Through it all, they kept fans abreast of developments through copious amounts of MySpace blogging. And, somewhat understandably, as the developments kept getting weirder — or, at least, less Simple Plan-y — their fanbase got more and more worried.

So now that the record — which features three songs produced by Hills (the first single, "When I'm Gone," along with "The End" and "Generation") and an assist from former Limp Bizkit deckhand DJ Lethal (on "Your Love Is a Lie") — is finished, were all those worries justified? Have Simple Plan taken things too far?****


  1. sounds like danja did a beat and they just played on it

  2. this is what happens when the band and the producer want two different things... Danja barely came through.

  3. I like how danja is getting out there its no longer timbaland's protege as much anymore.

  4. I'm afraid Simple Plan didn't take things FAR ENOUGH. It definitely doesn't sound much different from their earlier stuff.

    Well, there's two more to wait for. Let's see what happens.

  5. It sounds like a band of complete hacks stepping all over a creative talent.

  6. As already stated Danja's stamp is barely felt. You only really hear him at the start. But still...I like the song.

  7. not feelin it..sorry

  8. Sounds a bit like Jay-Z's "It's Hot (Some Like It Hot)" beat Timbo did at the start.

    Yeah, I'm not liking it.


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